Neale Donald Walsch – Your Perspective Creates It All – 15 December 2011

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As you know if you are a regular reader, we have been discussing here the steps toward The Holy Experience. The third step in creating the Holy Experience is knowing that you are having it.

In truth, one does not create the Holy Experience at all (nor, for that matter, does one create anything). One simply expands one’s perspective, allowing one to notice that the experience is already occurring and is just waiting for us to realize it.

All things that “are” now, have ever been, or ever will be, are now. In our Timeless Multiverse (we do not live in simply one Universe, but in a multiplicity of universes–something that science is now telling us), nothing will ever be created again. Everything already exists in the Eternal Moment of Now. It was all created at once! Ours is to merely reach into that Moment and all that it contains and, with the tool of our perspective, pull out anything that we wish. Like a magician pulling a rabbit from a hat, so, too, do we experience the wonder and the magic of Life.

Remarkably, few people are aware that they are now having the Holy Experience. There are two reasons for this.

1. Most people do not know what the Holy Experience is.
2. Most people do not know who they are.

Our extraordinarily limited perspective allows us only a very limited perception. You can only see what you are able to see. Thomas Aquinas put this eternal truth wonderfully in his Summa Theologica when he said: “The thing known is in the knower according to the mode of the knower.”

Total Knowledge, True Knowledge, is not possible for Aspects of Being or Individuations of Divinity of limited perspective–and all Individuations of Divinity hold a limited perspective of Ultimate Reality by virtue of the fact that they are Individuations.

Yet all is not lost, for the degree to which one’s perspective may expand is, in human terms, beyond extraordinary, and, in cosmic terms, virtually unlimited. This presents a dichotomy, for how can a thing that is inherently limited be virtually unlimited?

Ah, yes…this we shall explore next week.

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  1. Man, I have read his first 5 books,heard his speeches and my realisation about him remains the same, that he is indeed a truthful and wonderful messenger among with others like him. Thank you Lucas for posting this.