Steve Beckow – On The Bridge Fund – 15 December 2011

I’ve had an exchange with a member of Share11 discussion group which may be of interest to other lightworkers. It’s on the subject of the Pre-NESARA Bridge Fund. Laura’s original email appears below my response.


Your  letter was forwarded to me. Thanks to the sender.

As you know, I regularly consult Archangel Michael through Linda Dillon’s channeling.  However he asked me on last week’s “An Hour with an Angel” (1) not to discuss individual people who may or may not have ascended; in other words, to leave their private information to themselves and their close kin. So I’m not able to give you the information you need about the identity of individual ascenders.

I can however discuss whatever I know about the process of early Ascension. Early ascenders would be given the choice of simply going on with their lives in a manner of their choosing or else returning to Earth as ascended masters and assisting with the general Ascension in 2012.

Whether they are “leaving” their families or not is a hard question to answer. Some have no relatives, which makes it easier to leave. Others are returning to Earth and I assume will take up residence with their families again. But I have no special knowledge of those circumstances and so I could not give you an authoritative answer on the matter.

AAM has said that the two dates on which we could expect large numbers to ascend early were 11/11/11 and 12/12/11. I’m not clear that that means that no one can ascend on any other day but the focus of energy on those two days apparently made it easier.

Turning to the Bridge Fund, AAM has said that the Fund is for lightworkers. He has not said only those with websites. I will be offering all the comments he’s made on the subject. Every discussion I’ve had with him, including one today (Dec. 14, 2011), has suggested erring on the side of including rather than excluding people.

The Bridge Fund is a Pre-NESARA project designed both to reward lightworkers for their unpaid voluntary work over the years and also to allow lightworkers to emerge from difficult financial situations so that they’re ready to serve when the main NESARA time arrives, which we anticipate as being early in the new year.  We anticipate it fulfilling AA Michael’s prediction that NESARA will begin before the end of this year.

NESARA is designed to result in freedom and equality: Freedom from indebtedness and want and equality among people rather than having elites and underclasses.

We know mistakes will be made. Nothing like this has ever been done before. But we intend to err on the side of the recipient rather than the donor-organization.

Without there being actual funds available, it isn’t advisable for me to speculate on how we’ll proceed.  That will simply create expectations in people which, once we start in, may be impacted by information that becomes immediately available after the fact which couldn’t possibly have been seen before the fact.  So I’d like us to just get set-up and run a few trials in money transfer, etc., before we say more on most subjects to do with the Fund.

It may be a good move to ask just the people in dire financial straits to contact us in the first few days so we can relieve their need while at the same time getting set up.

If you want details on such matters as where the money is coming from, how it’s being transmitted, etc., just read David Wilcock’s latest column at . I’m prevented from discussing details related to the Bridge Fund but much of what David says here is applicable also to the monies working their way to us.

You recall that I, Mike Quinsey, Dave Schmidt and Wes Annac all had Paypal accounts closed for a time, until we jumped through the hoops they required. At the time I leapt to the conclusion that they were cabal-dominated.

AA Michael has said that that is not the case. They are merely bureaucratic or officious. He has recommended steps we can take to bring Paypal onboard. We are initially going to use Paypal for the distribution of funds. If there are foul-ups, we’ll get everything straightened out over time and find the right way to accomplish our task.

I cannot use We-pay, I think the name is, because they are not yet in Canada. And Western Union has rules which make them not a good money-transfer system to use.  AA Michael wants us to use Canadian banks because they are safer and more cooperative than American.  He has furnished us with contacts in Paypal and Canadian banks.

Since we’ll be using Paypal unless or until we run into difficulties, I think it advisable that people open Paypal accounts beforehand if they wish to participate. If anyone has another means of money-transfer they can suggest, I’m open to hearing about it.

We will have a dedicated Bridge Fund email account which will be identified at the top right-hand corner of the 2012 Scenario blogsite when it’s opened.

Whatever means of operating we choose, the intention will be to see to the needs of as many people as we can – not of the general population, but among lightworkers. How we determine who is and who is not a lightworker has not yet been decided but the criteria will be decided liberally rather than conservatively.  There’s no desire here to withhold money from people and no one has the sense that our funds are limited. (That may turn out to be the case, but no one has that sense at this point.)

Certainly no one here (in Share11 or the 2012S discussion groups) need worry about falling outside the criteria. And criteria would be used mostly to ensure that no black operation can bleed off our resources, more than anything else.

We would have begun sooner if we had not experienced the same kind of events that David Wilcock describes (although the events he describes seem to have been for the purposes of entrapment rather than being a simple heist, as with us). David may not use the term NESARA in a sentence, but I believe he is describing NESARA-related events nonetheless.

A great deal of our workings will have to be confidential for a great number of reasons. But with the coming of NESARA itself and the continued weeding out of lower-level black operatives, the dangers will pass and with it the need for so much circumspection.

Perhaps I could be allowed to comment on the position we are in with regard to criticism. I have on occasion responded to criticism related to the Fund and the people who’ve criticized may think that their efforts have resulted in public good.

But responding to criticism risks leaking details inadvertently and that raises the specter of putting a person connected with NESARA in heightened jeopardy (just as you see may have happened to Ben Fulford). So we find ourselves in the position of possibly having to submit to criticism silently rather than always responding. That’s an uncomfortable position to be in but the safety of personnel requires it.

If I may digress for a moment, lightwork has had two phases: resistance to the cabal and bringing in the Light. As people who have resisted the cabal and resisted successfully, we developed one set of skills. As people bringing in the Light, we developed another.

On occasion a person turns their cabal-related skills on lightworkers. I’m not sure how useful that is. People here know me. Along with Su, Jude and Chris, I began Share11. I do not serve the dark nor does anyone else associated with the Bridge Fund (or NESARA generally).  So please, perhaps use the skills developed in bringing in the Light with us rather than those developed in opposing the dark.  That would be a great blessing for us.

For the rest, I can assure you that we’ll operate with as much dispatch as we can, just as soon as the first monies arrive and we have bank accounts, money-transfer arrangements, etc., set up.

I can assure you that NESARA is real, Disclosure is real, and Ascension on or before the end of 2012 is also real. But I can also appreciate people’s need to see something tangible and perhaps the Bridge Fund’s advent, when it comes, can be seen as the first indication that the whole scenario is in fact genuine.

I probably will not be writing a great deal during this phase of things.  A very large bank of data has been produced on all phases of the 2012 scenario and is available in the righthand column of the 2012 Scenario site ( and in the First Contact database ( ).

I’ll be using the 2012 Scenario as the Bridge Fund’s outlet for disseminating information as well as Share11 and the 2012 Scenario discussion groups. (

I expect the Bridge Fund to wind up when NESARA itself gets underway. Thanks for your consideration.



Steve says…

“What seeming craziness this is! This morning I bade goodbye to three

lightworkers who sense that they’ll be ascending tomorrow. Am I really

saying this in a sentence? One of them is saying he’ll come visit us on the

radio show. Alright!” (2)

MY question is,

What makes these people feel they are soon to ascend?

What do they think is going to happen to themself?

What are they feeling that gives them this idea?

Are they leaving their families? The planet?

AND, Steve wrote in a previous post that we should all get a Paypal acount if possible.

SO then I ask: Are we all here in this group supposed to be getting some of this pre-Nasara Bridge Fund money or just people with websites?

I’m not sure Steve has time to read this so anyone who is close contact with him, could you please forward these questions to him?




(1)  “Archangel Michael: Transcript of ‘An Hour with an Angel’,” Dec. 13, 2011, at

(2) “Why Do We Need a New Financial System for Just a Year?,” Dec. 11, 2011, at

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