Don’t Give Up on You – The Bridgemaker – 16 December 2011

Not knowing when the dawn will come, I open every door. –Emily Dickinson

You have a dream. You intend to move closer to your dream every day. But life gets in the way and there are nights when you lie awake feeling frustrated. Sometimes you even feel hopeless. You see the life that could be; but isn’t right now. No matter how far away your dream may seem, believe this:

Don’t give up on you.

You speak and it feels like no one is listening. You have a creative approach to a problem but there’s not an audience to hear it. You want others to pay attention and then act based on your ideas. You want to be understood. The status quo continues and your voice is not heard. No matter how misunderstood you may feel, believe this:

Don’t give up on you.

You crave the touch from another. You close your eyes and see yourself creating a life with someone who shares the same ideas, passions and desires as you do. After several misses, you continue to wait for this person to walk into your life. You may even begin to wonder if something is wrong with you. No matter how elusive love may feel, believe this:

Don’t give up on you.

You recall the mistakes you made. You consider the sins that have been committed against you. You see your life in the past tense and don’t think you can move forward. No matter how stuck you may feel, believe this:

Don’t give up on you.

One simple truth

When you feel like giving up remember this one, simple truth: You are loved.

Believe in this truth and use this certainty to rely on your faith and allow it to hold you together. Because you are loved, you will be given what you need to sustain you through the tough times. All you have to do is open your heart and allow His love to flow through.

Lift up your eyes and see your dream play out in your mind. This dream, your passion, was placed in you for a reason: because it is your life’s purpose. Believe in it and see the things you do each day to inch closer to it. The steps may be small and the progress slow, but take a good look. You will see yourself moving a little closer each day. When you are feeling frustrated with the pace, remember things unfold on His time; not yours.

Lift up your voice and claim your dignity. It doesn’t matter if no one is listening because God is there to acknowledge your worth. Proclaim your value, announce your beauty and declare your gifts. Use your voice to tell the world you are enough because God says you are enough for Him.

Lift up your heart and allow it to breathe in the love that is meant just for you. There is another heart that beats just like yours. Believe this heart will be brought closer. Have faith God will create the perfect cadence. Listen for this tempo and wait for its rhythm. You will know when this heart is getting closer because the sound will be deafening. He won’t let you miss it.

Lift up your arms and allow His grace to wash over you. When you do, mistakes will be properly categorized and the sins of others will stop inflicting their damage. Let grace take you from the place where you find doubt and to a place of confidence and trust.

No matter how you may feel today, believe this: Don’t give up on you because you do have value and you are already loved.

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