Greg Giles – Message From My Star Family – 16 December 2011

My dear friend Greg, it has been many long years since we last enjoyed moments together in person. We have missed you much, and we look so forward to seeing you again soon. Continue to look after your affairs at home and soon doors will become open for you to walk through into the higher realms. As the many seasons have come and gone and with them many changes, much has changed here with us as well. We would like to tell you more about these changes, but for now we will just say that as you have seen much improvement in your life, so have we experienced just such upgrades.
Being able to communicate with you like this gives us the opportunity to share some insights with you, and we are happy to see you sharing these words with others throughout the Internet. Concern yourself not with those who yet understand the greater picture, and focus more on those who have opened their minds to these avenues of new idea and vision. We see you giving sincere effort to assist those who seek guidance, and we thank you for this and support you in your work. Soon, all truths will be revealed, and many will see what today they are yet incapable of. Remain patient with these souls as they too have come far in their journey and much will also soon be revealed to them.
Joining us in our work on board our ship is the future that awaits you. We look so forward to the day you come aboard, and we promise you this day will come and come soon. Prepare by taking care of your body and again refraining from excursions through the use of mind altering substances. You are being cared for at this time and we see the state of your physical body improving steadily. Emotionally you must continue to shed the experiences of your past that you have learned much from but no longer serve any purpose. We see many blockages due to these uncleared episodes and we would like to see improvement in this area.
You have many friends and acquaintances eagerly awaiting your arrival, and many fun and exciting experiences await your return to us. Our fleet is currently in orbit around Earth, and we can descend from the skies at any moment and rendezvous with you. Be prepared always for this possibility as we will come when you least expect us. As we have said, this is the way it must be for now. Soon our command will be free to travel through your airspace and come and go as we please as the last of the cabal’s holdouts are soon to be removed from their positions of power.
Prepare for this inevitability and prepare yourself for your new journey. You have earned a new start and a new way of life. We are confident you will make the most of your new opportunities. Until then, rest well. Take care of yourself and your duties at home. We will come for you, and we look so forward to this reunion.
Your friends from the stars.
As channeled through Greg Giles
via by Greg Giles first published 16 Dec.2011 link to article

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