Greg Giles – Message From The Galactic Federation – 16 December 2011

Earth has long extended her loving arms to warmly welcome many beings from many different worlds throughout this and even other universes. Some of the beings who have journeyed here did so in their own interests. They have systematically plundered Earth’s resources and their plan was to continue this process until they bankrupted your planet and then leave here to plunder another world. We, The Galactic Federation, monitored this situation and stepped in to end this cycle of abuse. Today, your planet is free from these uninvited and harmful intruders.

They possessed weaponry far beyond what humanity had developed as defensive and even offensive systems. We have relocated these beings to off world locations where they can no longer interfere with humanity’s journey. Nothing or no one will be permitted to interfere with your ascension into a higher dimensional state. This is why we are here, to help protect your sacred rights and to act as guides along your journey. We are not here to plunder, as we of the higher dimensions have all we could ever need or want. This is how this universe has been designed, and this is what you as a collective will soon enjoy as you experience an incredible leap from the third dimensional world to a fifth dimensional world.

Many aspects of your daily lives will soon change and you will be free from so many of your daily struggles and need to toil such a great part of your lives away working as a cog within a great industrial machine that knows no limits to its greed. Give us this opportunity to assist you in this grand endeavor. We are only here to help you, as this universe has been developed through the layering of dimensions, and it has been written that like helping hands reaching down from one dimension to another, we all assist each other and help ‘lift’ the lower dimensions up to where we currently exist. This is the design, and this is the process humanity is currently experiencing. Allow us to assist you.

We have extended our hand in humble service. There is no need to be fearful of us or anyone any longer. All is now well. You are being safeguarded. Our great light ships are here in vast numbers and our dedicated crew members have trained extensively to be of service to humanity at this time. Let us feel welcome, as this must be for us to begin a more personal relationship with you. We are ready to advance our mission and begin to make contact with you. This is what many of you have been so eagerly waiting for. This meeting will take place; you can be assured of this. Final preparations are commencing. Be prepared to receive us. Inform your friends and family of our honorable intentions.

Many gifts of friendship await you to offer relief of your hardships. We will begin this program with those of humanity who are in most need of assistance. Humanity will be lifted out of the struggles of a lower third dimensional world. You will have the blessed opportunity to begin to enjoy your lives at a much greater and freer level. The changes will be rapid once they commence. All has been planned meticulously and we are well-suited for this great task. Please be a little more patient as much is being done on a daily basis that you have no knowledge of.

Soon, more of what we do will be more clear to you. Remain calm and grounded when we begin our open contact and show no fear so as to be a positive influence on those around you who have little or no idea of our existence or our intentions here. This meeting will take place. There can be no denying this. We will be with you again soon. Until then, continue to shine your light in all directions to act as a beacon for your brethren and for us as well, as we navigate our ships to your shores.

We are the Galactic Federation of Light.
As channeled through Greg Giles
via first published 15th Dec. 2011.

5 responses to “Greg Giles – Message From The Galactic Federation – 16 December 2011

  1. Hi Greg,
    Interested in your channeling. My husband and I are twin flames and serve regularly on the Galactic Council at night while we sleep and sometimes split off during the day. How did you get to be involved?

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  4. vickey babayco

    Orion’s “Galactic Federation” are those of the Creator’s Negative Polarity in this Galaxy. For physical support of this refer to “The Keys of Enoch” for the multiple references to “Orion, the Father of the Gods”, his “Hierarchy”, “Fifth Density Light Workers”, his “Lords of Light” and their “Galactic Federation”. The CONFEDERATION OF MAN are those of the Creator’s Positive Polarity in this Galaxy. For physical support of this refer to the four volumes of “The Teachings for the Fourth Density Aquarian” by Chief Little Summer and the four volumes of “The RA Material”. That of the 38 million Wanderers (Light Workers) inhabiting earth’s surface, 25 million are the elite Empire, 10 million are their loyal servants, the Fourth Density Laggards, and the remaining 3% are Confederation and compassionate volunteers from other Galaxies. This collection of Light is commonly referred to as “The New Age Movement”. 93% of the total New Age Movement is comprised of Empire Hierarchy and unevolved, uninspired 4th Density Laggards. Though they exhibit a facade of Love and Light, their true inner core bristles with the power to disrupt our Earth Mothers Transition into Fourth Density. A Harvest without inconvenience is taught – No lessons, no Karma is involved. Nothing is earned – all is automatic. They teach no method of preparation to native Third Density. Those Light Workers/Love Bearers were given an opportunity by the Confederation to convert their ways. A handful of 5% accepted. Out of 35 million only 85,000 did. 95% or 1,750,000 will freely join their arch-enemy Orion, and become Negative. Over 33,000,000 Positive Light Bearers, found mostly in the New Age communities, are destined to reside in a specially prepared black porous cinder in an asteroid, as small worms who will feed off their environment for an Eternity. We share this knowledge with you as one of the Confederation. vb/Elder Race.

    • Dear Vicky,

      There is as also Wes Annac said no more division, duality, labeling and other forms of not being one or wholeness in the higher realms. To still relate to division is duality in yourself. Your reference to all those groups your speaking about are just not in higher realms divided groups but are part of the One as We are One with the All as the Source is One with us. Please remember.

      Love and Light, Lucas