Wes Annac – Integrating The Higher Realms By Shedding Dense Living Patterns – 17 December 2011

Under all of the densities and difficulties we experience in this realm, we exist in a transparent state where we can feel ourselves as weightless and infinite energy. Our true, pure state of being, as conscious and intelligent waves of the very Logos energy, in less distorted forms, as the Logos that make up every single atom of our reality. When we are able to take some silent time and truly feel these higher energies that are swirling all around us, we will recognize them as integrating into our temples and upgrading our current dense and heavy bodies into the crystalline form of advanced Logos energy. Even further in our growth we will go past the need for a body at all; some of us may choose to keep a body throughout many densities, and some may choose to shed their body in 5D and exist as pure energy, rather than inhabiting the crystalline 5D form.

Whichever one may choose when met with the choice, until we reach the synchronistic energy gates that will help us to absorb much more pure forms of Logos energy, we have the chance now to speed up our evolution by making the conscious decision now to let go of the densities of these lower realities, and begin to integrate and exist more fully in the higher realms of consciousness. This is much easier said than done. It can be easy to perceive giving up the heavier aspects of this reality that we are more than ready to get away from, such as the anger and lower emotions that can be prevalent on this world, but what about giving up those coveted activities, habits and addictions of a lower activity that some of us still enjoy?

As I have said before, ‘activities, habits and addictions’ can be quite loosely defined when it comes to every single thing in existence on our world that can serve to hold us back on our growth exponentially; a few examples would be television and the distorted media, heavy foods that do nothing nutritional for our bodies and rather make us weaker (but taste pretty yummy) drugs and habitually-used plants grown in low vibrations (cannabis can be a good example for this; the dark on our world has been in charge of the illegal drug industry for a very long time, which is one of the reasons cannabis remains illegal, but that is a different discussion for a different time. One would imagine that the cannabis grown by the agents of the elites is purposefully dimmed to support the stimulating of simple amusements rather than profound spiritual growth.) The examples of things on this world that will hold us back go on forever.

To truly integrate and accept the higher energies coming through that are giving us a chance to rise up to and exist in ever-purer realms of consciousness, we must be willing to give up everything of a lower nature that has so far served to hold us back considerably. As I have said before, imagine spending an entire day in meditation, a deep meditation that would more than likely see one discover profound realizations about themselves, which of course would make one ascend more as one learns more lessons. Most of the time we are preoccupied with work, sports, television, again the examples go on and to truly begin to solidify our ascension processes and feel our own presence in the higher realms, we must bring that presence about.

An obvious and natural means to bring our own presence in the higher realms about is to spend at least most of our time working toward that goal. It is very natural, if something is holding you back and anchoring you to the lower realms rather than assisting you in reaching the higher realms, it is time to let that something go and begin to focus your vibrations on the path of ascension. It may not be easy and for myself it has been very hard but very worth it. Imagine when you are in the higher realms, feeling your own weightlessness and infinity. Once there, we will all say to ourselves, ‘why didn’t we do this sonner?’

Much Love :)

via http://www.aquariuschannelings.com by Wes Anna published 16th Dec. 2011

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