Lucas – We Ignite The Last Candle – A Christmas Tale – 18 December 2011

Watching the skies seeing the flickering stars talking to me I write this tale. The stars say with their light that the new beginning is right at our doorstep. The brightest star on the heavens starts singing her song of Oneness. Soon to be followed of  choirs to join in. Oneness that was denied the earth through  the greed and power struggle of the dark ones will be manifesting.

Soon we open the door and see that what was always on our doorstep just hidden from sight. We will invite it in and see the change it will bring in our lives. The truth, understanding of the real history, the new overflowing world of abundance will be brought in our lives. We do not need anymore to follow stars and pray for guidance to find the spiritual light born in us again. We are the stars that shine upon family, friends, neighbors and strangers.  We Illuminate everything.

Our power will be found in the being and sharing of all that is in equality and as equals. We will manifest only what is for the best of all. We the new creators will transform within a blink of a thought all into positive and divine manifestations. The sign of the everlasting green Christmas tree will stay in its forest not being chopped and mutilated . We give it back its respect as part of the connection  of all to the source.  We speak  of love and act accordingly of all living from nature to animal alike.

Let us feast the love of all, the unconditional love. Even the dark ones that need to  awaken yet we love. We are the lights in the Christmas tree that make the returning light on earth a unforgettable occasion.  Cherish the moments with your loved ones and do not forget those who are still underprivileged. Share what you can with them. The heavens will be ours to explore soon. The lightbeing in us born again.

So we ignite the last candle before our last Christmas in this old world.  Let us remember our own gracious divine nature.

Love and Light and happy holidays,


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One response to “Lucas – We Ignite The Last Candle – A Christmas Tale – 18 December 2011

  1. Very beautiful and resonating Lucas. Thank you deeply.