Erin Mackley – Adama On The Purpose Of Connecting With The Telosians – 20 December 2011

I Am Adama, Ascended Master and High Priest in Telos. I speak with many beings, both within the earth, as the Telosians are, and also those who travel widely to other planets. Many of these you would consider to be your Spiritual Masters.
I Am speaking today about love, and the role that Telosians are playing to assist you, on this planet which you call your home, Earth.
It is important to say, because we need to set you on a beeline for awakened consciousness. That is our goal.

Aurelia Louise Jones & Dianne Robbins did much to spread the word around the globe of our assistance to you. Many, many individuals have participated in assisting to announce our existence to you, helping to pave the way for new energies and existences or planes of consciousness to which you are all aspiring.
There are those of you who feel drawn to Telos because of a heart connection with the Telosians, perhaps from past-life remembrances or spiritual experiences you’ve had during your lifetime in which the Telosians, or I, Adama, were near.
Yes, we do live in Telos and yes, it is a real city. I, Adama, live there. It is not there for your physical eyes to see, but when you awaken, you will find it is as “real” as your current surroundings, only at a higher frequency.

So the point of my discussing this is to help you understand the nature of our calling – why it is that the Telosians have chosen to make ourselves known at this time during the planet’s call to awakening. We are here to provide a doorway into higher realms. We are here to assist you in responding to the call within you to bring the Divine more into your awareness. This has the result of bringing your body into alignment with who you truly are, as the Divine truly sees you.
This is a matter of clearing away distortions, and loving yourself into a state of pure alignment with the cosmos.We are here to help you.

Please be careful not to respond to our call to help you by becoming engrossed in wishing we would come to see you in your homes, or that you can find an entry to Telos on the mountain in your physical dimension. I Am not here to give you a lecture on groundedness, just to delicately remind you that our purpose is to help you know YOURSELF and that requires introspection and revelation, meditative practices and wholesome ways of treating your physical vessel.

Remember, that to become engrossed in thinking about our “emergence” is not helpful to you. The Nature of our spiritual calling to work with you is all about the inward journey. As you work with me, I will bring you closer to who you really are, and that is through telepathic communication, resonance, and work in your dream state, generally. It is through a patterning process, that puts you into an ideal state for awakening, which happens only within you.
I wish you a good day. Namaste.

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P.S by Wes Annac

Hear more by listening to Adama’s radio show as he speaks about this and also about allowing the earth to support us abundantly,channeled by Selene. via by Wes Annac

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