Greg Giles – Personal Message From The Galactic Federation – 20 December 2011

The recruit project is a joint cooperation between the members of the Galactic Federation and chosen representatives of planets that we visit to assist. You are being chosen at this time to join us in our efforts to restore love, light, peace, justice, freedom and prosperity to the world you have called home during this incarnation. Your duties will entail an initial consultation with us and all your questions you may have will be answered and your future possibilities will be made clear. Give us the opportunity to meet with you and get to know you a little better. We see the work you have been doing and we would like to thank you at this time for your sincere efforts to share our words with those who wish to learn more of what is going on around them in their world. Please be advised that certain rules must be followed when working with us, the Galactic Federation of Light, and we know that you have recently made very positive changes in your lifestyle that are more conducive to an equitable partnership with us. Please ready yourself for meeting with us as we will come for you soon. This meeting will entail a question and answer period when we can both learn a little more about each other and find a good placement for you within our organization.

You have many friends and what you may call family amongst us, and we feel you will easily feel right at home. Make preparations for this meeting by making certain arrangements at home that will allow your absence to be more easily acceptable. Again, little notice will be given you in advance of our rendezvous with you and this is the way it must be for now. We are making great strides in removing the dark ones and their many allies, but still factions remain about Earth. We will defeat them, and Earth and her people will soon be free, but for now, we must proceed with caution. We will keep those who are interested in such developments up to date as we continue our cleansing of your world. You will soon have a much clearer picture of our efforts in this regard, and we are confident you will make many contributions to our efforts as well.

Your friends are quite experienced at their duties and will make very good teachers for you to learn the ropes aboard your new home on one of our great ships. You have been aboard our ships before, and memories of this are likely to come back to you when you re-familiarize yourself with all you have left behind in your past. In time, all your memories will be safely returned to you, and you may safeguard all your cherished memories of your journey as a third dimensional human on Earth. These are your memories, and they are yours to hold on to if that is your desire. There are many memories that you may feel no longer serve you, and these memories can be discarded and loosened from your memory banks as you see fit, leaving only your most fond and wonderful memories of your journey here. You are not done collecting these wonderful memories, and we wish you to enjoy your upcoming holiday season. Until our rendezvous, be well.

We are your Family of Light from the stars.

As channeled through Greg Giles

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