Lucas – The EURO-POUND Zone In Palliative Care – STOP Resisting The New – 20 December 2011

The general condition on the Euro zone and EU is getting even more critical as we speak. The mainstream media try to keep the scope of the problem out of the news. The Euro zone en EU failed to find the promised 200 billion to its rescue fund. Only 150 Billion was deposited or spoken for. They screamed out on the news to get help from other than EU states . They have no money. And it is not backed. It is fictional, non-existent money. Let them show us the 150 Billion in gold bars backed money. They can not, because a long long time ago this was banished to get a fiat currency system. Yes, a just I owe you note system. Which strengthened by immoral interest on lending fictitious money and debt as means of control has been instated to rob and enslave us.  Please do Not go to your bank and ask if they can get you some gold for your money. They can not. They even can not give any money to us all if we went to the bank all at the same time, a so-called bank run. This is now in many countries as in my country without people knowing a crime.  Do you know now why there was so much effort put in to get us on internet transactions and credit card or bankcard payments without actual physical  money in your hand as banknotes or coins.  A number  entered in the PC called credit is just a number and no actual money.

The democratic  process is since years been ridiculed and people did choose to not have a EURO  and a EU Constitution but the dark ones just brought the same via the back door in a treaty to be signed off without trouble.  For example the Dutch had spoken against the EU Constitution  in a referendum, though it was not legally binding for the government, is was  sure morally and democratically binding. Not soon after this  vote the same had  been put in a treaty not called Constitution with some minor changes but the same merit of the latter mentioned Constitution. And so the democratic atrocities followed each other soon one after the other.

The  people of the Euro zone states do not know that now the ECB, as the so-called lender in last resort (without actual having any backed money), is getting money from the National  Central Bank of the member states and from the governments. They have to get it from the nations as they have no more money to get elsewhere. The truth is that the people pay for the lending and indirect and direct funding of this rescue fund even as the Euro treaty not allows it. The ECB is intervening without democratic or treaty backing with money that is not allowed to be used for help.

The real story is that the state of the countries in the EU and Euro zone countries worsened. Italy , Spain and Ireland are convincing Germany’s Merkel they can balance their debt sheets. They can not. There is no more money to back the banks, ECB, IMF  as they are bankrupt and will not tell you they are. (Read the research of Fulford, Wilcock and others.)  UK’s consolidated debt (non-financial, financial, government and household) to GDP is… just under 1000%. That’s right: the UK debt, when one adds to its more tenable sovereign debt tranche all the other debt carried on UK books (and thus making the transfer of private debt to the public balance sheet impossible), is nearly ten times greater than the country’s GDP. (source Haver Analytics , Morgan Stanley Research) So we can wait even if not only the Euro zone but the Pound will collapse before.

Too many lies to keep secret is what  is the overall conclusion. The people are getting to see through the veil of deceit. The questions will come. Even in mainstream news the lies are seeping  through the dark. It is time for change to come. The people have to act accordingly and say it is enough. No more being used for undemocratic and other fraudulent games of the bankers, financial institutions and governments. The real need is for them to back down  and make place for a new system that is ready to be rolled out. The reported power struggles and last tricks to make a new world order coming into existence failed.

It is now time to get your lightwork in action to help others to open their eyes to what is happening around them. Wake up and see. Be not afraid or fearful. The new system known as abundance program, NESARA, Saint Germain Funds and other titles, will have the purpose to bring back a real value backed  money. Probably with precious metals and precious stones (diamond, etc.). There will be an even distribution of the wealth over the world and nobody will have any shortages anymore. Yes it is not a fable but a true story. It will unfold in the next year. As you know  or maybe be now reading 117 countries already back the new system. It will be just a moment in time for the bankrupt and penny less last dark states and dark ones to give up their resistance and back down.

So I say heads up as the EURO-POUND Zone is in palliative care. Have a  nice ending of this year. I wish you all Happy Holidays. Think positive and stay in the light because the new will come soon and bring back to you that what never should have been taken. Your unalienable rights, your birthrights will be reinstated.

Love and Light,


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