Peggy Black And The Team [Hathors] – New Cosmic Cycle – 20 December 2011

We are here, greeting you with our gratitude and flowing energy into your personal field. It is our honor to connect with you in this manner; even as you see these printed words it is the vibrational offering behind these words that is most important. We continue to embrace your consciousness with new levels of light energy which triggers your own divine knowing and understanding. We are only reminding you of your magnificence.

You stand at the threshold, at the beginning of a new cosmic cycle. You have felt the shifts and changes occurring for the last few decades of your reality. Let us take a few moments to remind you of this powerful cycle that you, humanity and your planet is experiencing. We have shared this information with you in times past however once again we offer this as a reminder and a trigger to activate your own codes of awareness.

The earth’s solar system continues to move in cycles that encompass hundreds of thousands of years. These cycles move on a pathway that takes your planet farther away from galactic light and then another cycle that brings your planet closer to the galactic light. Many of your ancient texts refer to these cycles.

Your earth is now completing a cycle that took humanity away from the influence of galactic light and the activation of consciousness. Look at the history of darkness and life-diminishing chaos that has been recorded. When your solar system moves away from the light source, humanity experiences lower states of consciousness. You and your planet are now moving into a long cycle of increased awareness and heights of awakened human consciousness.

Earth is now moving forward in a cycle in which the light of consciousness will continue to increase in the hearts and minds of humanity. Each planet walker is responding to this increased vibration of conscious light in a unique and personal manner. Remember that this shift in consciousness does not occur overnight, it is however a process of increased consciousness being triggered by divine light. There is a recalibration of your personal frequency and matrix.

Remember that you are the anchor; you are the chalice for the incoming light energy. This incoming light energy is activating your inner codes of awareness and stimulating every cell of your physical body. Imagine for a moment that each cell of your physical body collects and holds these new frequencies of awakening light. You are literally transforming your body at a deep cellular level from the dense carbon-based cells into the crystalline light cells. You are becoming a true 5th dimensional Being of LIGHT.

When you openly invite and allow the frequencies and vibrations of divine awareness to trigger and transform any dense, old paradigms, old limited beliefs and programs you are truly welcoming the evolution of consciousness on your planet, through your personal energy and intention.

Remember that you anchor, embody and invite this light by your acts of kindness, by being gentle with one another, offering forgiveness, love and compassion to others. This is the most powerful time for you to step into your mastery, to personally own that you are multidimensional, here in physical form recognizing and owning your ability as alchemist, able to transform all that is in your experience.

This is the time to put aside any imagined limitation. This is the time to heal any fracture or wounded aspect of yourself. Use all the tools of consciousness to clear what remains to be cleared. Forgive yourself and others. Offer that forgiveness to your global family and leaders. Notice your judgments, notice your negative opinions, notice any resistance to change. Do your personal work; the results will be reflected in your life as well in the collective matrix.

Remember that as the light of awareness increases and is flooding your planet you can use this power to create the awesome reality that you long for. Imagine that your thoughts are being made manifest at an increased speed. Spend some time each and every day envisioning a world of peace, a world where everyone is honored for their unique qualities. Imagine a planet with clean water, healthy foods, and shelter for all. There are no limitations here. You are powerful beyond measure.

Imprint this incoming divine light with your highest and best intentions, knowing that you have the support and assistance of the celestial realms of truth and love. Everything in your physical reality was first a vibration of thought. So use your true power to work in the field of quantum energy and manifestation. Hold your hearts desire and intention in your mind’s eye and imagination. See it becoming a reality. Own that truth.

Find ways to collaborate and join with others to solve all issues that humanity faces; know that you are joined energetically by others who are also feeling this calling and holding these visions. It is a powerful force. Ask yourself and others, “What would you envision if any thing were possible?” When enough humans truly see a reality and feel that reality in their hearts, it becomes. This is a law of the universe. This is simply how energy works.

First you see it and feel it in your heart and mind creating the vibrations and frequencies that allow your vision to become a part of this physical dimension. This ability to create has always been a part of your physical reality. However, most humans have not understood this power and they have focused on the very things that they did not want, therefore the fears that they focused on and have given their energy to become their experience.

Now you have the personal invitation to shift how your use your conscious focus. This coming time is most important for you to hold clear, positive visions of the future for your planet and humankind. Every single individual is important to bringing a new reality to this planet and humanity. Your ascension as well your Earth’s ascension is on the horizon of reality. Call it forth. You are an important aspect of this truth as you assist this planet to rise out of third dimensional density and dysfunction into welcoming an age of wonder and splendor.

We acknowledge your courage to be here, on this planet during this incredible evolution of consciousness and enlightenment. We understand that the light energy that is bathing your planet and your own personal field is stimulating many changes. You could even say the changes are coming fast and furiously.

You are witnessing the phenomenal shifts and changes occurring around the globe. Every facet of life is being touched with this wave of change. Any low or dense frequency is being activated to vibrate at a more coherent higher vibration of light and truth.

Many are personally feeling these changes in their physical body and their life. So give yourself grace, be gentle with yourself and be gentle with others. Your physical body might be offering new aches and pains, your sleep might be disturbed with intense images and dreams, or you might be awakening several times each night. Perhaps you find yourself emotional for no reason, crying unexpectedly. You might be feeling disoriented, when this occurs spend some time in nature and make sure you are grounded; this feeling comes when you are moving between the dimensions. You might even be experiencing sudden changes in your life, your jobs, friendships or relationships.

This is a process of transformation, a process of transition. Every individual has as many opportunities as needed to evolve spiritually.

We also understand the desire and the longing you carry to go home, however we acknowledge and remind you that you are here to support this planet in its evolution. Remember you are a master, a star-being of great skills and gifts.

Spend time in quiet reflection, meditate, sound your emotions, gather with other like-minded beings for support. Take care of yourself, drink water, rest, laugh, and return to a state of gratitude as often as possible. Continue to reset any doubts and hold a vision of a better world. Remember to call upon celestial support and assistance; it is ever available upon your request. You are not doing the work alone. You are in partnership with the divine source. You just happen to be the one who has a physical body that interfaces with this dense dimension. It is your divine unique self in partnership with your physical vehicle that truly offers the chalice and vessel of awareness for any alchemical change.

We might say you are on the home stretch, welcoming a new paradigm, calling it forth with your heart’s intentions. Be in your joy, celebrate your acts of creation, and know fully that you are bringing about the very changes that you desire. The divine energy of light requires a bridge between spirit and matter; remember, you are that bridge of consciousness while you are in physical form.

We delight in our connection with you. We acknowledge you for your innate wisdom and deep spiritual strength and integrity and encourage you to victoriously uplift whatever you encounter and experience. Know that you are loved and cherished for who you are and for the service you offer. With our deep gratitude and love the ‘team’

©2011 Peggy Black All Right Reserved. You may share this message and distribute as long as nothing is changed, you credit the author and include this copyright notice and web address. / via  by Wes Annac

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