Steve Beckow – Gold Mountain – 20 December 2011

I’ve been reading David’s latest article on background to the trillion-dollar lawsuit (1) and find that it’s filling in many of the blanks for me.

You may recall on occasion that I’ve said that it isn’t clear who was doing such things as bringing down the B52 that landed at Barksdale in 2007 or Dick Cheney’s airplane that was forced to land in Singapore with equipment malfunction around that time.

I didn’t know who was able to penetrate Cheyanne Mountain and cause stand-alone computer equipment to go haywire. Was it the Chinese or the galactics?

And now we hear David saying that:

“The Federal Reserve screwed China — and in these negotiations, they were told if they didn’t pay up and surrender, China’s extraterrestrial allies would begin systematically destroying their ability to take over the planet.

“There are a wide variety of seemingly inexplicable failures of military equipment that can be attributed to this — including a spectacular failure of 50 ICBMs in Wyoming, during which time a cigar-shaped UFO was seen hovering over the facility.


“These extraterrestrials are apparently working with China and other nations to insure the G5 ‘Illuminati’ countries cannot fulfill their plans of global dominance and genocide.”

Notice how everyone has a piece of the puzzle. If you’ve been following events through channeled messages rather than from insiders like Jade Lion, you’d know that a much wider, wholesale “Divine Plan” is in operation, rather than a case of extraterrestrials helping out a group of allies.

But then if you followed galactic messages only, you wouldn’t know what David himself communicates about the empire of the “Elders,” etc. At least not yet.

I cannot go into detail myself on aspects of NESARA that I’m familiar with, but much of what I cannot say, David himself has said in this article.  It may be that some of the insiders that David is working with are also working with … well, let’s just say other people. We may all be connecting up to the same source.

David says: “I also asked [Jade Lion] if the Elders have contact with people who have advanced technology and do not live on Earth — perhaps their own distant relatives.” Well, we know these people as the Galactic Federation and you and I listen to their messages daily.  A very large and influential group of Earth allies have just been identified in David’s article and look how mysterious they are.

“Some call them the Dragon Family. JL says they simply call themselves the Elders,” reveals David.

“According to another high-level insider who corroborated much of these details, the Elders now live in the Forbidden Zone of China. It’s very highly secure and is almost like a nation-state unto itself.

“Very few people can gain access to it at all — and it is in a tough mountainous region.

“No one would dare threaten the Elders because they have a vast, worldwide network of contacts, as well as the military power of the current Chinese government behind them.”

These revelations explain, for me anyways, how the Chinese Communist Party could have made such a quiet and seamless transition from a Maoist state to a much more westernized structure. If you take into consideration the way in which our own governments to this day have tried to take away our constitutional rights, the gap between the modern Chinese state and our own narrows quite a bit more than we may realize.

One wonders how and if the Elders will play a role in rescuing the Chinese people from the remaining tyranny of the state. They are certainly playing a role in releasing us from ours. David cites one example of that:

“The Elders sued the Federal Reserve families in September 2010 for gold contracts going back hundreds of years, in a secret world court within the BIS — and the Elders won as of December. …

“The judgment was for 286 Trillion dollars. The Federal Reserve has been delaying the big payout ever since.

“However, JL tells me they have been in intense negotiations on a daily basis since last December, and almost all the details have now been worked out.”

This lawsuit is separate from the Kennan lawsuit:

“The trillion-dollar lawsuit is perfectly provable and on public record.

“The 286-trillion-dollar lawsuit, on the other hand, occurred in secrecy — and I have no way of proving it is true at this point.

“However, other top insiders have since confirmed that this is very real, and it will probably go public by the Spring.”

I’d expect it to work its magic within months if what SaLuSa says is to be believed. But dates have been a sore point. As David says, “‘very, very soon.’ [Augh… there’s the “S word” again!!!]” Indeed.

“Everyone’s life on Earth will dramatically improve if what Jade Lion is telling me is true,” David continues. Yes, it will improve dramatically when these events work their magic and the cabal is overthrown at all levels.

David reveals to us the extent of the gold deposits in the world and the extent of the Elders’ holdings. I’ve heard from some of you that David said in his interview with Kerry that ships had been sunk to serve as vaults for gold.

“According to JL, the biggest secret of the United States is that it was all built up with Asian money — directly from the Elders,” he adds. These days I’m not surprised by that statement. I would have been a year ago.

If we can somehow let in the entire picture as communicated by David – and the picture he’s communicated I’m sure will turn out to be the tip of the iceberg – one can see how massive schemes to redistribute income are not difficult to imagine. One can also appreciate a little more why our sources would say they have never left us but have been assisting the Earth in its evolution throughout history.


(1) David Wilcock, “The Trillion-Dollar Lawsuit That Could End Financial Tyranny, Part II: History Lesson,” Divine Cosmos, Dec. 19, 2011, at .  All quotes are from this article.

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