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Steve Beckow And Linda Dillon – Archangel Michael On The Defence Authorization Bill – 21 December 2011

One of the subjects I discussed with Archangel Michael through Linda Dillon today was President Obama’s signing off on the bill that allowed for detention without charge or  trial of American citizens. Here are Archangel Michael’s comments.

I caution readers to remember that we won’t agree with all things that anyone does but that some wrong moves are not, for me at least, a good reason to abandon friends. I don’t agree with the President’s action. I don’t think overly much will result from it except heightened public discontent, which I regard as a good thing.  The galactics will not permit more to develop.  Though some readers leave this site because of my support of the President. I remain  his friend. Continue reading


Greg Giles – Message From The Galactic Federation – 21 December 2011

Your new world will be greatly assisted and partially governed by the higher Spiritual Realms. This must be to never allow what has occurred here to happen again. Until such time that the people of Earth clearly demonstrate their honorable and peaceful intent and that all the natural abundance of the planet will always be shared equally, we will oversee such procedures. Think not of our assistance as management or rule, as we have no desire to dictate to others. Instead, try to look at our guidance as a nurturing mother seeing to it that her young are protected and cared for. Continue reading

Greg Giles – Pleiadian Messages – 21 December 2011

In our time, we have seen so many events transpire in your world. Many have been of death and destruction, sorrow and sadness, but today we see far different events manifesting throughout your planet. We see so many people of so many different races and ethnic backgrounds, ages, and from far distant lands, coming together in common cause for the right to live in a world free of tyranny, corruption, and of moral decay. We see you have taken to your streets in defiance of a system broken so and far beyond repair. We see this, and we are so proud of you all. What a difference you are all making, and if you can only see what we see we know so many more of you would look forward to the days ahead and know that your struggles are nearing an end. You are now in the last quarter-mile home stretch. Soon, all of your third dimensional struggles of separation will be a thing of the past. Soon, all you have ever wished for, dreamed about, and worked for will be yours. There will be no denying this. You have earned all that you are about to receive. Continue reading

Benjamin Fulford English Message – International Premium 20 December 2011 Extract

John Smallman – SAUL – The Illusion Is As Insubstantial As A Soap Bubble – 21 December 2011

Humanity is going to awaken, and you Light bearers know this.  Focus on this knowing, on this certainty, because you are making it happen.  It is God’s Will and yours that you awaken; consequently, that is the only possible and only available outcome.  When you focus your attention on reaching your divine destination, the Light you are carrying on high burns brightly, helping to show others the way. Living with love and acceptance in your hearts intensifies the strength of the divine energy field embracing you all and further undermines the crumbling foundations of the illusion. Continue reading

Mike Quinsey – SaLuSa – 21 December 2011

Your normal life expectancy is very short compared to Beings like ourselves, who are in the higher dimensions. Nevertheless you pack so much into it and virtually everyday brings new challenges, which all together make for experiences that speed up your spiritual evolution. There is no other place exactly like Earth that constantly offers such a multitude of experiences, and they can be exceptionally testing and call for strong powers of endurance. The people of Earth astonish us with their determination to succeed, by overcoming each challenge that presents itself. You are truly the victors in the battle between the Light and Darkness for the souls upon Earth. No matter how long it took you were always going to overcome the dark Ones, and it was after all decreed that this cycle would bring a firm result in your favor.  Continue reading

Greg Giles – Message From The Galactic Federation – 21 December 2011

Greg, I wish within a month to rendezvous with you and begin our work together. You will see things and experience new adventures like never before. Exciting times are indeed ahead for you and we will do our best to make this transition as smooth as possible. Please take the time to see to matters at home that will lessen the blow when you depart. Others may count on you more than you may realize, and your leaving will change many aspects of your household. Please be advised that much work still needs to be done on your physical body and we see a complete transformation occurring in the days ahead. Continue to eat right and refrain from allowing toxic substances to enter your body. Your transformation is coming along well and we see greener pastures for you very soon. Continue reading

Sheldan Nidle – Update – The Spiritual Hierarchy And The Galactic Federation – 21 December 2011

12 Ix, 7 Mol, 8 Manik

Dratzo! We return! You are now in the midst of a global dilemma: your surface world is drawing ever closer to its shift into a 5-D unified reality, but those in charge of your world, despite efforts by many to depose them, remain defiant of the disaster that is swiftly approaching. We have sent out emergency calls to our Earth allies to start the actual process of arresting those in your various governments who are responsible for maintaining the fiction that your world can somehow weather the storm and survive. This is blatantly false! So far, we have received word from our Earth allies that the final stage of their takedown scenario is beginning. The coming year of 2012 requires new governance and the formal termination of the unending plots and stratagems of the dark cabal. It is time for prosperity, the return of your sovereign rights, and disclosure. It is also time for an open dialogue with us to begin on a global basis. There is so much that needs to be said by each one of you and by us, and so much needs to happen prior to your move to Inner Earth and your transformation into full consciousness.  Continue reading