Dreamwalker – Selphia – Atlantis – A History Lesson – 22 December 2011

>Good morning, Selphia, how about a history lesson this morning?


>Lemuria, Atlantis, Agartha?

No… Why on earth would you want to talk about history? Are you trying to bore people?

> I’d like to confirm that the nature of Agartha is that it is a place created by thought. You thought of it in your mind, and then it existed. You thought of the world first, in your mind, and when you made changes to that world, in your mind, it changed in the real world. This idea can be applied to Max, to the pyramids, and to Atlantis. You thought of the pyramids first in your mind, then they existed in the real world. And by extension, the next leap was to create another universe out of nothing, by your thoughts. Except… I think something went wrong. You are trapped there, are you not?

It is a fairly small universe, I’m afraid… and yes your perception of how we got here is correct, although it is more that we are required to remain here to maintain the dimension. This is why we need your help, now.

>So there is more to this than meets the eye – we are not only to “ascend” physically but also to help you out of the bind into which you’ve placed yourselves?

Well I wouldn’t put it that way – it is a very nice place, and individuals can come and go as they please… but as a society we are bound at the moment to maintain that which we created. There are far more benefits than not, but your synopsis is correct.

>You built a ship in a bottle…

We are not able to join our Galactic brothers and sisters at this time, and we long for their company, although we can contact any we wish, it is not the same. It’s like making a phone call when you’re in the next room.

>Can you give me an idea of what lies ahead?

I think you already have a pretty good idea, Troy… your people will help maintain Agartha so that we can get everyone out. So first there is much you need to do in terms of using thought to create reality. You need to learn how to create something in your reality by creating in your inner reality first, and then applying that reality to what is around you, in the physical world. This might be a bit hard to follow, but you get the idea, I think.

>Is there more to it than that?

The earth surface will become Agartha, in a way, so this is why the clearing is necessary at this time. It’s difficult to explain, but when we make the transition things will “flip” and Agartha will become an empty place. We are losing one home and gaining another.

>So Agarthans will need driver’s licenses?

By that time I think the abundance program will kick in… I’m not sure if the governments in their present form will exist. That’s such a minor detail, but I suppose if we want to drive, I guess we’ll need to get one won’t we?

>Well, some things you just have to experience for yourself, don’t you?

Which is why we’ve decided to join you at this time. This is a unique opportunity because an overcompensation or an overflowing will result from everyone coming “online”… but ultimately it will be their choice if they wish to assist in this effort.

>How many do you need to participate?

We’re not really sure, but we’re confident we’ll have enough at some point.

>I was wondering if this was a part of my process with Max…

Yes it is. Trust them, they’re there for a specific reason (one of many).

>Thank you, Selphia, this has been an interesting conversation!

Blessings to you Troy, and thank you.

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