Kris Won – Commander Sohin From Alpha Spaceship – 22 December 2011

Greetings from Alpha Spaceship!

We have found ourselves in numerous occasions in which we have had to intervene in matters related to purely internal subjects of the humanity of this planet, but which, without our intervention, would have further postponed the process of Ascension for all of you, instead of accelerating it — which is what we are looking for. 
To give you some examples and keep you thus informed, we have intervened in the protection, defense and restoration of all marine fauna (marine mammals, fish, crustaceans, amphibious animals, etc.) corals (coral reefs), marine minerals and, most of all, the underwater human species who live in some areas of your oceans and seas.

Our acts have been necessary after some sea-quakes that have happened under the waters of Gaia, and also, unfortunately, after the accident that occurred approximately one year ago in Japan, where enormous quantities of highly radioactive material were thrown into the water, which would have contaminated the waters and the fish within a very large radius around the Sea of Japan. The result of that, had we not intervened, would have been devastating for many marine species.

Another example of our actions in order to protect your natural habitat has been the cleaning of your atmosphere. We have cleaned the deadly gases that those who still remain in the dark have left in the lower strata of your atmosphere, which you have come to refer to as “chem-trails”; likewise, we have urgently intervened in some cases where the volcanoes have spewed out a vast cloud of smoke and ashes that was dangerously expanding itself over a bigger and bigger area of your aerial space, causing chaos in all nearby airports.

We have acted as well, in collaboration with our Earth allies, in the destruction of many bunkers built by the occult powers of the Dark Ones, which they had prepared in case they had to hide there after a nuclear disaster or a massive war between many nations of your world. That is something that we would have prevented at all costs, as we have done in the past, during the period named by you as the “cold war”, when there was a great military tension between the two most powerful governments of that time: the United States of America and the Soviet Union.

The main problem besetting you at the present moment lies within the economic difficulties that an immense majority of families of all nations are suffering, and the lack of work among many men and women, many of whom never had had any difficulty working and earning a living for their families. This has created an enormous social crisis at a global level.

In light of this situation, we must tell you not to worry, soon everything is going to change, and you are going to enter into a new stage at a global level, in which all your financial systems will change, and no one, and we repeat, no inhabitant of your planet will be hungry, nor suffer shortages or lack of any kind. We guarantee you that, your Brethren from the Stars.

Nevertheless, you must go through the necessary process in order for that social transformation at a global level to come about. But do not lose heart, those of you who are down and worried about your personal situation. You won’t have to wait long to see in your life and in the life of your loved ones an ideal of living that you had not even dreamed of!

With these words of encouragement and trust, we wish to take our leave today, but not before reminding you that you should not be afraid of anything, since God, your Father and Mother, will never allow you to suffer beyond that which you can take. In moments of tribulation, one must remember their Creator, and to raise one’s sights to Him/Her and His/Her celestial creatures, who will know to diligently send you aid.

This will occur whenever it seems that everything is lost.

Pray, meditate on your inner being — which is your real guidance, and instead of losing your trust and confidence, find the peace and security of your inner connection with Him/Her who knows all and who is all.

Source: Commander Sohin

Channel: Kris-Won

via first published 21th Dec. 2011


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