Daily Archives: December 24, 2011

Lucas – Message From The Guiding Spirits – Holidays – 24 December 2011

We are your guiding spirits from the higher realms  you know us by our names.

(Lucas) I have connected to you  collectively  to give a message at your feast of light and your holidays.

We  will give our message to all of you,  dear ones.

Dearly  beloved souls, we are the collective  guiding spirits giving you this message. A moving year in your time experience has passed.  We see the progress you have made as your lights are shining brighter than ever. Continue reading


Radio Ann – The Council Of Twelve – 24 December 2011

This is the Council of Twelve. We see you have trouble sleeping. Many of the lightworkers are experiencing similar difficulties. Fortunately, there is a slowing down this time of year. We recommend as much quiet time as you can get. This may be a tall order for those of you who have family gatherings to host, meals to cook and so forth. Nevertheless, the purpose of the holidays is rest, reflection, enjoyment, fellowship and communion with self and one’s God, however you conceive Him or Her.

The light around the solstice is always particularly beautiful, and a few minutes of sunlight each day will help you rejuvenate, even if your area is overcast. The sun is still above you, and its rays will charge your batteries.  Continue reading