Greg Giles – Message From The Galactic Federation – 27 December 2011

You can be heroes in your fight against the agents of the dark. There is a war at hand, there is no doubt of this. Removing these dark ones is a job we are well equipped for, but we need your assistance in finalizing the campaign set into motion long ago in your time. We push on in our front and move those still willing to fight for those who stand nowhere near the front lines. This has been their way for eons. They declare war, and then send someone else’s children to the front lines to lose their lives for their own gain. There has never been a shortage of men and women willing to do their deeds. Without these fighting forces none of these actions we are taking would be necessary. For millennia, the citizenry has been tricked, conned, coerced, and forced to bare weapons against each other in the name of profit and power for the few. This game ends now; it has been decreed by your Creator. No more will this be allowed to transpire here. The light is winning the battle, the end of this struggle draws nearer every day. Soon, humanity will receive your true freedom, a light you have not seen in many eons. This day will come. There is no doubt of this now.

Assist us by doing your part. We need you to do tasks we are not fitted to accomplish, just as we, the Galactic Federation, are accomplishing tasks you are not properly fitted for. We cannot yet speak directly to your people, instead utilize channels for this information and these numbers are extremely limited at this time. Help us spread the news of our campaign against the dark. Help spread light, which is information, throughout your world about what to expect in the coming days ahead. This is your assignment now. You will have fresh assignments in the near future once we can speak to your masses publicly through liberated media outlets. Today, we need your voices to spread our words. We come in peace, light, love and universal cooperation. We are not here to conquer or for any personal gains. We have all we need throughout out our societies. We come on a mission of liberation for the Earth human. You are our brothers and sisters from long ago, we are not strangers to you. We are the designers of many of your ancient monuments, and we have much to share with you. Soon to end are your days of daily struggle. We come with many gifts of advanced technologies and we wish to assist you to end the cycle of destruction to your planet’s ecosystems, and to yourselves. Welcome us as guests. We have assisted countless worlds before, and we will continue in this regard long after our work here is accomplished and humanity no longer needs our assistance.
We, the members of the Galactic Federation, have been away from our homes for many of your years. We have traveled great distances to arrive at your doorstep, although space travel is probably quite different from what many of you would imagine. We wish to land and touch our feet to your soil, just as there are many of you eagerly awaiting this same day. This day will be soon, given the opportunity by you, the citizens of Earth. The cabal and their quickly dwindling forces stand not in our way, and we never saw them as any threat to our first contact with you. It is you, the people of your world who we hope can manage to free themselves from the persuasions of countless television and motion picture tales of negative ETs coming to Earth for violent conquest. With the dark just days away from total defeat, our next priority is a first contact with you. Prepare yourselves now for this inevitability as we are now making final arrangements for our arrival to your shores.
Many of you are discovering visual evidence of our great and many lightships throughout the Internet. Some of this evidence is not authentic, yet much of it is truly images of our ships. Share the information that resonates as truth with your brethren, as to lessen the blow of our pending announcements. Our opening speeches are being finalized at this time. Continue your tremendous work and sharing our words and the evidence of our existence. If you could see as we do the success your efforts are having we feel you would be greatly inspired to continue your efforts. We see so many newly awakened ones every day, and this truly warms our hearts. Do you see where this is now leading, dear hearts? You will see a day when virtually all of your brothers and sisters are awakened to their divine nature and to their true purposes as spirit experiencing the physical through the human vessel. What an incredibly beautiful site it is indeed to behold. You have all come so far. You are almost there. Assist each other to finish the last mile. Your celebration awaits you just beyond the finish line.
Soon, all will return to its natural state, and all beings throughout the cosmos will be taken care of. This is our mission, of which we are extremely dedicated. Many of you will be working beside us on Earth or even with us on board our ships as we join together to repair the damage done to your mother planet and restore light to this once free world. We promise this will be a most exciting time to be here as so many once separated souls of your world will come together as one, united in common goal for the good of the planet and the welfare of all beings. Does this not sound wonderful dear ones?
Throughout the vastness of space there are many projects that need attending to, and Earth and her people are but one. After our work here is accomplished we will move on, leaving a contingency to maintain the peaceful order. Many of you will move on as well, as some of you have homes in worlds far from Earth, with family and friends eagerly awaiting your homecoming. Others will continue in service on board one of our great mother ships and for at least a while, you will call this starship your home. Some of our ships are not unlike a small planet, equipped with everything you could ever need or wish for, and the differences between these mother ships and a mother planet often go unnoticed.
Many important decisions will soon be made by many of you in the coming days, and we respect and honor the choices you will make. Until then, we will focus on the task at hand, to restore Mother Earth to her pristine condition before such a toll was taken on her. It will be the task of humanity and its chosen stewards to watch over her and protect her from suffering any harm ever again. Many of you are those chosen stewards. Take solace in your knowing your new lives on Earth will hardly resemble the lives you have become so accustomed to. All the benefits and luxuries of living on board a mother ship or returning to your homelands will be amply available to you right here on Earth, and all will soon experience this modification project firsthand after we make our initial introductions in the near days ahead.

We are your Family of Light from the Stars.

As channeled through Greg Giles
via fist published 26th Dec.2011

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