Lucas – A Christmas Never-Ending – 27 December 2011

The for some hectic and a long  longed for Christmas retreat and full of the usual and rituals is over again. The family and friend gatherings all or not with quarrels and fights in stress builded up over the holidays is soon over. Yes even lightworkers and channelers where not doing a thing on the net. But what was the real message of this Christmas Ending.  Was it the feast upon meals, diners and drinks, the relaxing time, Christmas lights and decorations or the Christmas bonus. 

The message of this Christmas ending is just telling us the story of  abundance in love and light that will reach us all as the new Christ consciousness is symbolic reborn. Not Christ in the flesh but the Divine energies that are Christ’s part of the all in us being awakened. We recognize  again the Christ in our loved ones, our friends even our enemies if we see them like that. All are we part of the great Source. The Source which will be bringing us next year the Divine interventions we have prayed for as we have not been able to break through the last barriers and use our own powers.

The helping hands are amongst us, above us and below us. We will see the coming year bringing the changes needed for  a Christmas never-ending.  We will be feeling the love and warmth, the abundance and the  feast for ever. That is not a promise but a fact. Know that being able to see, feel and think  with your heart will let us manifest the Christmas heaven on earth for always. All duality, division, labeling, grouping, marking and other qualifications will be no longer present. All Is. All is One. All is in balance. The Divine in ourselves will be growing to great heights. We will become the lightbeings we always were intented to be.

A Christmas ending to never forget as it never will be forgotten anymore. The lights have been lit to never being extinguished. Our love lights will never been put out again but radiate the unconditional love building for ever.  What your desires and wishes will be in this new light will shape the heavens on earth next year. We will establish that what the Divine Creator, The One,  has decreed to its Mother Earth and its human species on the planet. So 2012 will be the year of the  changes manifesting and fulfilling the cycle ending. The Start of a new cycle in the next level as ascended beings will be what you awaits.

Love and Light,


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  1. Thank you Lucas for your beautiful message.