Wes Annac – Short Story – Trip To Earth – 27 December 2011

Note: This is a short story and is fictional. Though I throw in relevant elements of my Life, very little to none of this story actually applies to me personally. In this story, I fully immerse myself in the point of view of this young Sirian adventurer, who dearly wishes for his Elder Guide to show him one of the realms of Earth. Again, I am not sharing a personal story or experience, and the main soul in this story is not meant to be interpreted as myself. Enjoy 🙂

All around us, intense rays of red and violet color swirled as we were uplifted and transported away from the domain, from the realm we were currently inhabiting. That which was familiar with me dissipated away as I found myself, with my spiritual Master whom is my Elder Guide, transporting away from my known realm inside of and around this beautiful yet intense ray of Light-based travel. I had traveled only in such manner once before, when my father and mother wished to make an exploratory expedition to a world in the Pleiades star system. They chose to use the same sort of Light-based travel that I now found myself once again experiencing. Oh, how I had pried and pried my Elder about visiting this unfamiliar realm we were traveling to. Oh, how I had heard about the beauty of this world and the difficulty of it alike, and how dearly I wished to visit it.

My Elder had told me multiple times that I would not be ready for it, that even a visit to this world can be quite difficult to a sensitive soul. Ever since first hearing about this mythical land from my father, I had always wished for a quick visit to see what this world called Gaia (Terra-Shan-Earth) was all about. I have always been one for adventures, and I have always challenged myself to new heights and as such, I was constantly attempting to convince my Elder to let me take a peek at Earth, so to speak. Elder would warn me every time of the risks involved, and that even the astral realms of the Earth-plane can suck one in and make one a part of the cycle of duality. That is a challenge that I have no intention of undertaking, that of incarnating or otherwise Living on the Earth plane. However, as the beautiful colors that had only for a short time been swirling around me and transporting me to this realm began to fade away, I found myself standing with Elder, on top of a high monument of some sorts.

Facing Elder and I was a tall building, and between the building and us on the ground seemed to be a field of rock, of dense and hardened tar-looking substance. This field of hardened tar was pained with strange lines and symbols that I did not understand. Elder informed me that this strange looking field exists for the purposes of the Earth Hu-Mans to park their vehicles of transportation. Elder told me that they choose not to simply navigate their vehicles through the plentiful grass of Mother Gaia, and that they instead seal up Her grounds and make it difficult for Her to breathe, and make it difficult for Her to express Her beautiful nature. I found this revelation quite strange. Why would they not simply let dear Gaia breathe? To the right of the building was another building, though this second building was not as big or long. I had no idea what these buildings were or what their purposes served, nor did I know what the purpose was of the tiny and numerous buildings to the left of the first building, separated this time by a thinner field of what Elder called ‘concrete’ with similar paintings on it.

Elder informed me that the smaller individual buildings are homes of the Earth Hu-mans. I asked Elder why they are given such little space to Live, and why everybody does not simply share the land and enjoy individually as well as collectively much more pure and happy forms of Living. Elder informed me that on the Earth world, many of the most greedy and deceptive souls have found ways to print infinite currency that they have gotten the majority of the Earth Hu-Mans to believe in with all of their hearts and minds. When I asked Elder where the gold and natural resources on this world are and how they come in to play, Elder informed me that this world has vast reserves of gold and that the world is on a gold standard, but that the aforementioned greedy ones have slowly through generations convinced the majority of the Hu-Mans to believe in a fake, made-out-of-air and backed-by-nothing type of currency, and that this currency is itself created out of thin air by the greedy ones who are able to print out as much ‘money’ as they wish, and thus buy out much of the world.

A currency-ruled world is quite alien to me. Having grown up on Sirius B, the abundance and wealth of the planet is spread and shared through each and every soul, and there is and will always be plenty for everyone. It is quite a Harmonious and Joyous place to Live, and the collective consciousness of family on my home-world is nothing short of heavenly to Live and exist with. My father and mother are highly looked up to and respected individuals within the Sirian High Council as well as the Galactic Council of Twelve. They work with planets in Solar Systems around the Milky Way Galaxy whom are just developing, whom are now along with their citizens choosing to move out of the lower and dense dimensions, and are choosing to ascend to the realms of consciousness that we exist in happily. Gaia is one such world who is now making the swift change from 3-4D back to Her pristine fifth and beyond-dimensional condition.

Mother and Father as well as Elder have told me that Gaia’s mission is an especially unique one, as the influence of the dastardly-no-more Annunaki as well as a few of the Grey races has left it’s gooey mark on Gaia’s surface through the former minions of the Annunaki, those who choose greed and lust for power over the general well-being of the general populace of Gaia’s surface, who they consider to be nothing more than peasants and ‘useless eaters’. They have told me that the mission on the surface of Earth is an especially difficult one, and that those of the Galactic Federation who are incarnate on Gaia’s surface are entrenched in especially difficult lessons and densities. I was told that the level of difficulty and density they experience makes Gaia’s surface a Master University of sorts; especially as Gaia’s final cycle of duality comes to its end, many tough and difficult lessons are learned in a very short amount of the accelerated ‘time’ – I can’t say I know too much about it as I know only the experience of existing in the infinite and everlasting NOW – I feel no experience of linear time and when Elder speaks of it, I have trouble applying my own conscious experience to such a difficult-to-grasp concept. But that is simply because of my lineage.

When I asked Elder what this structure was that we were standing on, he began to explain to me some of the things that the general populace of Earth Hu-Mans do for recreation. Elder informed me that they like to fill up a hollowed-out space with water, and float around and swim in the water. I was informed that they also construct unique things to make the water more ‘fun’, such as what they call ‘diving boards’ that the Hu-Mans like to jump into the water from to experience a rush and a stimulation of adrenaline and excitement. Elder also informed me that another thing they liked to construct was a vertical slide, that started up high in the air and went all the way to the ground, to another hollowed-out space in the ground filled with water. The Hu-Mans funnel the water down the slide from the top, so that they have an experience similar to riding down a waterfall. All of these actions of Man I found very profound and wondrous. Elder informed me that we were standing on top of one of these ‘water-slides’ and looking upon what he called a ‘high school’.

That was what the big building was that we were directly facing. I was told that many of the Earth Hu-Mans in their youths are made to go through what is in many cases a purposely misguided education system. Having bought out the education system of many individual nations of Earth as well as many other things, the former minions of the Annunaki and some of the Greys have purposefully educated generations of souls with misinformation and outright lies, and their false education systems have served to keep generations of Earth souls down, as many souls exist in poverty-stricken areas and find the education being given of absolutely no help to gain abundance and stability on such a difficult world. The overall energy of the building we were facing felt very heavy, and very dense.

I gained an experience of what I can only call fear, or the opposite of Love. Elder told me before this journey that I may experience a heavy emotion or two, and the heavy feelings coming from that big building were being felt at my core. It was a very overwhelming feeling, a feeling of being turned inside out and plunged into a world of densities. Elder began to feel myself getting dragged down into the lower feelings and densities, and as the heaviest vibrations began to invade my spirit complex, I felt myself rushed away from the Earth plane in the very same red and violet rays of swirling energy that found me temporarily inhabiting the Earth plane to begin with. The densities and heavy feelings lifted from me, and I felt only the Harmony and Love that I felt upon leaving my familiar plane of Living. I felt myself back in the transportation room of the Mothership that my parents along with Elder help to coordinate Galactic command centers connected with the Galactic Federation from.

Upon feeling myself back here and recognizing the familiarities of the room around me, I communicated to Elder that the experience I had for so long requested and wished for was indeed as scary, difficult and overwhelming as everybody was telling me all along that it was going to be. I told Elder that I truly do not see how anybody can exist on such a controlled and heavy world. He told me that despite my outside perspective of the surface of Gaia, those who Live there are mostly comfortable in such vibrations, and have brought the problems of the world on themselves through immersing themselves in and accepting the lower vibrations that continued to fuel the Annunaki residue-inspired dark souls on their world who gained influence through their, what Elder called ‘Monopoly Money’.

Elder informed me that while we were on considerably higher astral realms of the Earth (instead of denser realms) for my own protection, I was taken where I was purposely, because a very advanced Ascended Elder is inhabiting the surface of Gaia in a small home close to the ‘pool’ and ‘high school’ that Elder took me to. Elder informed me that this highly-advanced soul has ascended once on Gaia, and has come back to bring extremely pure Source energy through to the surface and core of Gaia, volunteering this soul’s own complex and Life experience to help aid and accelerate Earth’s ascension, while trying to learn lessons that the Law of Grace etched out in this soul’s previous ascension on Gaia. Elder informed me that this soul is the fourth and fifth dimensional expression of Elder himself. When this soul first ascended on Gaia, he became Elder as Elder is his higher self whom he reconnected with upon Ascending back to the sixth dimension.

As Elder, this soul made the decision to incarnate again on Earth, and to have a fourth and encoded-to-be-unlocked fifth dimensional extension inhabit the surface of Earth to bring much pure Source energy through. Elder informed me that this is one of the most difficult positions to be holding on Gaia at this time, and that there are millions of souls incarnate on Gaia’s surface who are entrenched in similar and extremely difficult positions.

I learned a lot from this first trip to the realms of Gaia-Terra-Shan-Earth. I am eternally grateful to Elder for letting me temporarily exist in the realms of Earth as I had been so very excited to see what it was like. I learned very quickly that even in considerably higher realms of Earth, the experience of existing within Her is no picnic. Through being there for but a blink of an eye, I had already begun to be drawn down into the dense and heavy emotions and feelings I had heard so much about. One thing is for sure; after having this experience and beginning to fully realize just how difficult and intense a situation is unfolding on Earth, I now wish to do everything I can to help this world and the souls upon it ascend to the wonderful realms that I enjoy inhabiting. Perhaps I will asked father what I can do with my experience (though it is not much) to help this world.

Will be writing more as more unfolds toward my personal role in helping Earth and Her citizens to ascend. For now, I say that from having the experience of being on Earth, I now wish to do everything I can to help these souls ascend.

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