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UFO over Mexico – 27 December 2011

UFO over Mexico 27th December 2011 uploaded by RealmLeaper on YouTube 28th Dec. 2011.


Recent UFO Sightings – State of New York – USA – 28 December 2011

Recent UFO Sightings in New York State on different locaties and different dates in December 2011. Compilation uploaded  by  Sheilaaliens  28th Dec. 2o11 on YouTube.

UFO Sarasota – Florida – USA – 25 December 2011

Ufo Sarasota Florida USA 25th December 2011 01.00 AM uploaded by Toomash172 on YouTube.


Greg Giles – Message From The Galactic Federation – 28 December 2011

We are all souls who have traveled greatly to be here at this time. We are all souls who are here to accomplish a great task. This task has been acknowledged as important enough for so many souls from so many different parts of this, as well as other universes to have journeyed here. There are billions incarnated in your world today and there are millions more onboard spacecrafts in orbit around your planet. What has been deemed the most important project this universe has ever seen is the ascension of your planet and her people, as what happens here truly affects this entire universe.  Continue reading

John Smallman – SAUL – The Old Ways Are Finished – 28 December 2011

The moment of your awakening draws inexorably closer; be joyful and open your hearts in acceptance of the abundant Love that your Father is offering you constantly to embrace and share.  As His Love flows and envelops the planet, all can and are encouraged to open in acceptance of It.  It is what you all seek, regardless of what you may think you desire, and It is there within you waiting for you to become aware and accepting of It so that you may enjoy the exhilarating experience of being completely at one with your Father in a constant ecstasy of delight. Continue reading

The New Pending EU/EUROZONE TREATY Gives Ultimate Power To A Few Without Accountability To Anyone – 28 December 2011

Lucas Comment:  The new Treaty worked out by the EU en EUROZONE states seems to be a small version of a New World Order : the ESM – European Stability Mechanism. This ESM ruled by governors have no accountability to anyone, no courts, no parliaments, no governments and can take money from the treaty member states even sue states for not giving the money requested. This seems to be an ultimate Illuminati trick to use the crisis to bind the EUROZONE and EU states into a rule by ESM that takes money and can use money as it sees fit. Therefore it can use the money for making policy or repress or even blackmail states or people who do not work with them or do what the money kings say. It seems to me this new pending treaty should be stopped by the people. No more tyranny of money rule and undemocratic treaties, laws, rulings. No more leaders or officials without any form of democratic accountability to the people.  No more enslavement via debt. This has to end now.

See also below the YouTube video that makes things very clear.

Update : the link to the full draft of the  treaty : link to draft of treaty

Ronna Herman – Archangel Michael – The Evolution Of The Soul – 28 December 2011

Archangel Michael channeled by Ronna Herman message for 1st Januari 2012 

Beloved masters, you must expand your capacity for Love/Light so that it includes all Creation: Love of nature, Love of animals, Love for humanity, Love for your perceived enemies and, most important, Love of Self. For in Essence, all of Creation is a part of you and you are a facet of the Supreme Creator. The expansion of God-Consciousness results in an expansion of your auric field–your Light Radiance. Over time, more and more of you will develop a radiance so powerful and expansive that it will begin to have a positive effect on those around you – and eventually on the Earth and all humanity. Quite a large number of the more advanced Souls have already gained this ability.  However, you must remember, you cannot convey that which you have not claimed as your own.Also, remember this: an important part of your mission on Earth is to intensify the Light of the lower dimensions.  Expansion of Soul-consciousness results in an expansion of the auric field, both in intensity and scope of influence. Continue reading