Jafree Ozwald & Margot Zaher – Enlighted Beings – The Outrageous Power Of The Blue Room! – 29 December 2011

Would you like to effortlessly manifest something FABULOUS into your life from “out of the blue”? People often think that it’s miraculous or unexplainable when something shows up that they desired for no apparent reason at all. The truth is that science and spirituality are finally coming back together (after being separated over 500 years ago) to reveal the greatest secret in history. These quantum scientists of today are now proving that we are all truly powerful manifesting beings…naturally! Recent studies in Quantum physics have proven two important facts:

1. Every subatomic particle in the Universe is connected to all the particles in a holographic matrix and energetic field.

2. You change the behavior and direction of these subatomic particles depending on where you’re focusing your attention.

This means that when you see and feel something happening in one part of the Universe, you are actually directly impacting the energetic particles in another part of the Universe! This happens because everything is energetically connected. You are always impacting the quantum particles around you, the real question is…are you projecting these particles onto the thoughts of what you want or don’t want?

“Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life’s coming attractions.” ~Albert Einstein

We’ve found that it is much easier to manifest one’s desires through entering this energetic matrix of the Universe by meeting in an etheric room found within the deepest levels of your inner world. This is a brilliant cobalt blue room filled with light, where souls meet to come to an aligned state and create new agreements here on Earth. When people say that something just manifested for them “out of the blue”, this is exactly where it is being manifested from! Perhaps you want to establish a more empowering relationship with someone you already know, attract a new person into your life to be part of a business deal, or get your boss to agree to promote you at work. You can manifest whatever experience or thing you desire in your life, especially if it seems far-fetched! Yes, through aligning with your higher mind, anything is possible!

“In truth, you are spirit. “The body has been projected by the mind, which itself originates from Spirit.” ~Ramana Maharshi

How does the Blue Room work? Every time that you visit the Blue Room and deeply feel that an agreement has been made with another person, you start to actually allow it to manifest into the physical world. This is from the power of your energy field, and the inner-connectedness of all matter. In fact, when you make a new agreement in inner world of the Blue Room, you are energetically shifting the subatomic particles around you AND this other person. Then, these quantum particles (that make up all matter) start sending out a NEW energetic code to the Universe which “educates” the Universe to magnetize this positive new agreement and experience back to you!

“We can easily forgive a child who is afraid of the dark; the real tragedy of life is when men are afraid of the light.” ~ Plato (427 -347 BC)

The key to creating outrageous outcomes in your life depends on the vibrational state at which your body-mind is vibrating at. The positive energy and vibrations available in the blue room are FAR beyond that which you’ll find on Earth. The light etheric blue energy that emanates from this truly magical place is very healing, inspiring and powerful. The blue light automatically improves the current of energy flowing through your body/mind, which in turn opens up any situations that may be stuck in your life. This room is full of some of the highest vibrations in the Universe, and allows you to access tremendous feelings of abundance, joy, and empowerment. When you step into the blue room you’ll automatically feel lighter, more abundant and free! This in turn improves your mind-body’s overall vibration and attitude. It is the most effective place for creating manifestations in the physical world.

“Imagination creates reality… Man is all imagination!” ~Neville

The empowering freeing feelings that you’ll find in your blue room are the secret to manifesting new agreements with people you currently know like your spouse or parents. These expansive feelings also will start attracting new people into your life to complete business or personal transactions like selling a home. The reason we even need to visit the blue room at all is because many of us were taught as children to believe that we all function independently of each other, and that we have little ability to influence other people’s behaviors, especially complete strangers that we have never met. The truth is that our presence, thoughts, and feelings ALWAYS influence the energy field around us, impacting everybody that we consciously or unconsciously meet. Yes, you have the power to shape-shift people’s lives and attract influential people to help you out. If you can help t hem create what they want, they will help you manifest what you want!

“You can get everything in life you want if you will just help enough other people get what they want.” ~Zig Ziglar

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