Radio Ann – The Council Of Twelve – 29 December 2011

‎[Hello. This is Ann. May I speak to the Council of Twelve?] Yes, dear. We are here. We are here for you today and everyday. Please tell your friends that we are delighted to enter the year 2012 with you. Many of the prophecies are lining up and raring to go.
Please dismiss any predictions of mass catastrophes. This is not on the agenda, although there will be isolated incidents that will be destructive and offer an exit point for certain souls. All is in order, however. There is nothing to fear. 

Light is pouring in to your planet and into the hearts of beautiful souls worldwide. We’re very excited. The politics of nations will continue to be fractious and much tension and conflict will arise. But if you keep yourselves steady and if your hearts are in the right place, your actions will be properly guided and you will see a good outcome.

Please remember that violence rarely produces peaceful results. You are allowed to defend yourselves, of course. But no throwing that first punch, whether physical or rhetorical. Keep your dignity. Preserve your integrity. Think before you speak. Discuss before you act. Approach life with an open heart and a closed mouth! That’s our advice for a year that will be exciting, provocative, full of opportunity for good and bad behavior. Mind your own store. Tend your own garden. Live and let live unless someone encroaches upon your life, liberty or dignity. Be the change.

We are with you. Call upon us any time, especially in times of emotional stress. Your loving friends, the Council of Twelve.


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