Gloria Wendroff – The Heaven Letters – God Dreams of You – 29 December 2011

God said:

You are spirit. You never have to be unhappy again. Misery is all fiction. Body bleeds. Spirit does not. That which is not seen is true. The unseen is true. The seen is untrue. The seen is all a play or a play on words. You do not know how to live without words which you form into thoughts. With thoughts, you communicate with yourself.Yet you are beyond thought.
Spirit does not even think in pictures. Spirit, if it could think, as you know thinking, it would think in love, it would think in wave after wave of love. Love would not be a flash in the pan. Love would be the Totality. Love is the Totality. There would be no vacancy of love. There would be no opposite to love. There would be love, andlove would be the world you live in. And yet there would be nothing so limited as living in a world.
Truly, you are beyond the limits of any world. Heaven is not a world. Heaven has no bounds. Nor do you in Reality have any bounds. In human form or not, you have no bounds. Bounds hang heavily on you, a kind of filter, or, like with fish in a bowl, glass is around you. Even so, you swim in the water of Life Eternal. You are never out of the water. You may think you are on dry land, yet that is only a thought.
You and I, We are beyond thought. A thought can only be a thought. Thoughts are concretized. A thought becomes a building. A seed becomes an apple, and an apple is delicious with juice and flavor, meant to be savored, and then another apple to be savored and another. This is a fine thing. Do not think otherwise. Life on whatever level you live it is to be savored.
On the level of your spirit which is Mine, there is love complete.There is Wholeness and nothing that is not Wholeness. Time and space cannot be Wholeness. Time and space are not All That Is. In fact, time and space are not at all. They are limited to perception of experience, andwhat We are, what you and I are seemingly as two. We are beyond experience. How do you experience Oneness when Oneness is all? In a field of Being, there is Being far beyond experience, far beyond words, far beyond thought. Being exists within time and space, yet Being is not of time and space.You are Being, and that you are hampered by time and space is illusion like anything else you think of.
You are pure Being, just as I am pure Being. What am I? Pure Being. What are you? Pure Being. You are not a creature. You are in a body in the fictional dimension of time and space, and without exception, you are not your body. You are beyond body. You are beyond thought. You are not fiction. You are Spirit. Another name for spirit would be light. You are Light, beloveds. You are light brighter and more magnificent than anything you have ever dreamed of or anyone has ever dreamed of. You are beyond dream. You are beyond the most wonderful dream that anyone could dream. And you are not a dream. You are Truth. You are My Truth.
I call you My dream, for I have dreamed of you a million times. No, more than that. I have dreamed you eternally, infinitely, and I dream you still, and you are Myself insulated in a little body on a little Earth, so I have a dream of Myself as spectacular and bright light bursting from bounds until there is no difference between so-called Heaven and so-called Earth when Light is all there is anyway, and I can only dream of All That Is.

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