Gloria Wendroff – The Heaven Letters – In The Company Of Angels – 31 December 2011

I like you. My heart likes you. I like to think of you. I like to see you. I like to be near you. I like you near Me. I like, I like, I like. When you mold clay, you like what you make. You adore it. It is yours to adore. And so I adore you. I gain great joy from you. You are My joy. You are My pride and joy.

You are alive on Earth, aren’t you? You have come on the scene. You find yourself in a play, and you don’t know your lines. You’re not even always sure what part you are supposed to play and what you are meant to be doing. And so you ad lib, and sometimes you fake it. What you do know very well is who you are and all that. Nevertheless, much of the time you are bluffing. You find your role as you stumble on to it. And then, sometimes, you change roles. You develop your character. You discover your character.

Have fun with this role you play. Enjoy your part in the Grand Play you find yourself in. Enjoy the other actors as well. Make it fun for them to be with you. Make it fun for them to be alive in this comedy of errors. Even when you have a serious part to play, do not take it too seriously. It is just a part in a play.

And when you exit the stage, you become your True Self again without any of the make-up and stage-crossings. You are finished with all the costumes and delivery of speeches and facial expressions. You are done with all pretense. You come Home, and you can take your shoes off and just be.

The part you played may have seemed natural to you, and now that you are back Home, now you really feel natural. There is no controversy here, no niggling disagreements, no despair. Now you are what you always wanted to be, and now you just are. You participate, yet you participate in a different way. It is not that you are above it all; it is that you are in the company of angels. You always were, and yet the angels were disguised just as you were. The other angels entered into their roles and played them to the hilt, and now, in Heaven, what is there not to smile about?

All the ravages are gone. The drama is gone. The sense of isolation is gone. Isolation never was, and yet you did not always feel Wholeness. With all the distractions gone, now you feel Wholeness. And now you know Who you are, and now you know where you are, and now you know you were never anywhere else but where you are right now with Me.

You are a lovely gift I gave to Myself, and now you wholeheartedly see the Being that I have always seen. Now you are no longer distracted. And now you know the love you are and the love I AM.

Now you have merged with Me. Now you are not only as I AM, now you know it without doubt. You know you are established in Me, and that you always were and never were otherwise.

This persona you had adopted served you, and yet it was only a part you played that really didn’t have all that much to do with you. The color of your hair, the shape of your nose, your height, your weight were not so significant as you had thought. Now you are able to get down to it. Now you know Who you are, and now you know it without hesitation, without disbelief, without argument, without coyness, without protest, without aggrandizement, without anything at all but joy and love at Who you really are and always have been.

Never mind, your life on Earth was always worth it.

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