Greg Giles – Message From The Galactic Federation – 2 January 2012

Greg, I am so happy you are choosing to remain working in service as a channel of higher intelligences, as so much more is happening here in the physical. In time, your services as a channel will no longer be required as we, the Galactic Federation, will be free to communicate directly with the people of Earth. You are also needed at home to help out in the many tasks still needed to be accomplished rebuilding the house.

Today we would like to discuss with you ascension and what it will mean for all of you. Leaving behind the experience of the physical will also mean leaving behind many aspects of your lives that bring you unhappiness. It is not only a change of scenery that you will be enjoying, but you will be unburdened by the aches and pains of your dense bodies and the frequent feeling of tiredness you experience will also dissipate as your new environment will be one of supercharged energy. One of the major obstacles for humanity here in 3rddimensional Earth is the low levels of oxygen contained in the air you breathe. You have been slowly but assuredly lowered into a trance- like state, and this has been done purposely by the dark ones through the destruction of your environments including your beautiful rainforests of South America. Your new Earth will have greatly increased oxygen levels and you will experience for yourselves the remarkable difference immediately upon ascension. What a joy it will be for you to once again take into your lungs fresh, clean, pure air, rich in energizing oxygen.
Another experience of your new home will be the gorgeous abundance of grasslands and trees as far as the eyes can see, as you will have no need for concrete monsters to drive your motor vehicles on. Your new home will be a paradise, and many of you will be, and many of you already are, the newly appointed stewards of your new and very beautiful home. It will be your responsibility to maintain its beauty and to protect her perfectly balanced ecosystems.
There is so much more to share with you dear ones about your new home, but for those who love surprises we will just add that your new mother planet will have everything and more than any other planet in this entire universe. Your world will once again be a celestial gem, and benevolent beings from throughout all time and space will journey here to visit and take in her pristine beauty.
We are your Family of Light from the stars.
As channeled through Greg Giles

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