Steve Beckow – Important Instructions To Follow When Sending Email Requests To The Bridge Fund – 2 January 2012

When you are sending an email to the Bridge Fund, please follow these guidelines. Please  read the whole post completely before sending in your email.

The Bridge Fund email address is not a “connective” address. It is a way to receive specific information from you to carry out our spiritual assignment and the necessary 3D logistics. We will only reply to your email if we need more information not to confirm the email.

We’re receiving a large flow of emails and are working to set up systems to efficiently handle things quickly once the funds arrive.

You can help us get those funds to you sooner by following a few simple steps when sending an email to the

Please ONLY use one of these four words in the subject line:

Paypal – This means you want a money transfer sent by Paypal.

FedEx – This means you want a check or money order (please specify which) sent by Federal Express.

Question – This means you want an answer to a question: use sparingly please.

Want to Help – This means you’d like to volunteer

These should be fairly self explanatory.

In all emails you send please let us know the country and state/province where you live.

If you’ve already sent an email and didn’t do it this way, please don’t send another email to fix that. We’ll go through ones already sent and ask for additional needed information.

If you’re using Paypal a helpful thing to do would be to send your request from the email assigned to your Paypal account. Paypal is the quickest way for you to receive funds. It is a very effective way for us to send out funds to you. If you are new to Paypal or are not that familiar with managing your Paypal account I have created several “how-to” screen capture videos that walk you through the different areas step-by-step.  I will be making additional videos and would recommend that you subscribe to the Bridge Fund Youtube channel at .

If you want your funds sent by FedEx make sure that the address you include is a street address FedEx cannot deliver to PO boxes, APO’s (“Army Post Office”)etc. When choosing to have your funds sent via FedEx delivery also include a phone #. If you did not do this when you sent in your request, please don’t send another email. When we have funds and are sending them out, we’ll contact you for any information we need.

If you’d like to offer to help in some way, that’s great. Let us know where you live and how you think you might help. You don’t need to send in two emails, one to offer help and one to request funds; just put the sending instructions at the bottom of the “offer to help” email.

As to when the funds will arrive,  we don’t have a definitive date. We’re spending hours each day behind the scenes on your behalf getting up to speed so we can launch a juggernaut of abundant flow to you the minute we have the green light  to release funds. Send any other short, clear questions and we’ll do our best to respond as quickly as possible. You don’t need to send in two emails one with a question and one to request funds. Just put the sending instructions at the bottom of your question email.

All funds will be delivered through our legal business entity The Hope Chest which is funded by the Bridge Fund. Please make note of this for any inquires you may make to your bank, Paypal, Fedex etc.

Please don’t use the Bridge Fund email for any other message than one that relates to the four subjects above.

Please don’t send us a letter saying “thanks.” That will double our workload. Let’s let thanks be understood.

Thanks for helping us to help you in the fastest way possible.

Love and Light

BZ Riger

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