Ben Fulford- Update – 3 January 2012

Hi Ben, I trust this finds you well? I have a couple of points to make. Firstly with regards to Queen Elisabeth she has three sons, namely Charles, Andrew and Edward. Harry is Charles’s son. The succession on the throne would be Charles then William (his son) and then Harry as things stand so it does not make sense what is being stated in your latest update. My second point is regarding demonstrations in the G5 nations, we have seen these happen already in the UK with regards to other issues such as the Iraq war and they have achieved nothing.

I am not convinced they will do so in the future unless the masses have solid reasons and proof to do so and even then I have my doubts. Who is going to tell the masses the truth? Certainly not the media? Can you comment on my observations? All the best Paul.
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First of all, I need to apologize for calling Harry Elisabeth’s son. He is the grand-son. The reason they want Harry and not Charles or William is that Harry’s father was a commoner, Diana’s riding instructor. Furthermore, Diana is of the Spencer bloodline which is British and not German like the Battenbergs (who changed their name to Windsor). However, Diana also had Rothschild blood.
The demonstrations planned for next year will be more spectacular than what has been seen so far. The organizers are waiting for the warm weather and for the economic situation to get more critical.

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