Brandon Turbeville – Massive New Lawsuit Filed Against U.S. Federal Government In Bond Theft Scheme – 3 January 2012

Some weeks ago, I wrote an article dealing with a bizarre lawsuit full of twists and turns that has been filed against individuals, governments, private institutions, and secret societies spanning the entire globe. Essentially, the plaintiff of the lawsuit is alleging that billions of dollars worth of U.S. bonds were stolen from him by a wide-ranging cartel — bonds that he was entrusted with by the extremely rich and reclusive Dragon family of Asia.
But what at first may seem like an isolated incident, now appears to be an emerging pattern of theft of U.S. bonds from individuals who have either acquired them individually or have had them passed down through generations. That is, at least the claims of stolen bonds are becoming more and more common.
Take, for instance, another recent lawsuit filed with the Eastern District of Pennsylvania – U.S. Federal Court, by Joseph Riad.
Riad is suing the U.S. Federal Government for $15 billion as a result of the fifteen $1 billion bonds that he alleges have yet to be returned to his possession by an agent of the Department of Homeland Security. Riad claims to have a total of 735 $1 billion Federal Reserve bonds that are stashed in banks outside of Philadelphia where he lives. These 735 are in addition to the 15 bonds he is suing for.
The 15 bonds at issue, according to Riad, came from three rare “sealed and certified bronze boxes,” each of which contained 245 $1 billion Federal Reserve bonds dated back to 1934.
As Reuben Kramer of Courthouse News Service writes, “The billion-dollar bonds allegedly were used by the government for debt-management purposes in the 1930’s when physically moving lower-denomination currency or gold was impractical.” Riad allegedly discovered the bonds after his attorney suggested he open the boxes to determine whether or not there was anything of value inside them.

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