Gloria Wendroff – The Heaven Lettters – Within Silence, Come Closer – 3 January 2012

God said:

Let Us speak without words. Within silence, I speak to you. Within silence, We come closer. That is the whole purpose, isn’t it? That We come closer? We come closer in the silence of Our love.

We come so close that We are One on every layer of existence. We become One indissoluble Self. Let the fun begin.

Identity is really too small a word to tell the Truth about Us. Identity is too insignificant a word. Identity. What is that? Oneness serves better, yet I know of no word on Earth in any language that can encompass Our Oneness. Words are like pointing fingers, and no finger can point to Our Oneness. First of all, who would there be to point the finger when All is Oneness, and Oneness is All.

And, so, when there is total Oneness, who is there to say anything?

Oh, but how We love speech now and are so glad and grateful for it. Even if speech can only be to express the longing for Oneness, We come at seeking Oneness from all angles. We go at it from this way and that.

Oneness is almost too simple for words. Words like to bite into something complex and diversified. Ah, but Oneness is too simple for this.

Let Oneness be your guide. I will speak for Oneness. I do it all the time. I am Oneness and I blab on and on about Oneness, trying to catch you where your heart is.

Oneness is inexpressible. Oneness and love are One and the same. Oneness is Oneness, and yet there is no limit to it. It is all-encompassing. Oneness is not just talk. It is all there is.

Why do you think you love being in love so much? While you are in love, you feel the Oneness of love.

In terms of the relative, it is sometimes said that you have only one Twin Soul, as it is called, and you may not hook up with him or her this lifetime. Certainly, you have more affinity with some people than with others, and, yet, when all the jetsam and flotsam gets out of the way, everyone is you, and you are everyone. The Ocean is vast. There is not just one fish in the sea for you. All are for you.

When you get really down to it, that’s it. Can you imagine that, in Heaven, you would love one angel and not another? Can you imagine that, in Heaven, you are as fussy as you have been known to be on Earth?

If you were able to wave your wings on Earth now as it is done in Heaven, you would know that everyone is your child. Everyone belongs to you. Everyone is your mother or father, and everyone is your brother or sister, and everyone is your son or daughter, and everyone is you. Beyond all the beyonds, beyond all the world preferences and exclusions, everyone would be your loved one. Everyone would be precious to you. Of course, they would. When each is a child of God, how would you exclude any one of My children? It would not even occur to you. In a higher state than you are in now, what differences would you see or contemplate?

You would not love this one and that one and not another. There would be no objects to your affections. There would be no objects and no objections. All would be One, and that One is I. Which reflection of Mine would you dismiss?

On Earth, as you play in the great game on Earth, you do plenty of this dismissing. It is second nature to you. But not first, beloveds. It is definitely not your first nature to leave anyone out. Not at all.

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