Lee Harris – The Year Of Power – 3 January 2012

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Lee Harris – The Year of Power – 2th January 2012

Power will be THE word for the coming year. 2012 has long been focused on . Ancient cultures and civilizations prophesized about this time. What the year itself would bring, and the gateway that the year represents. This is a turning point for us as a people; however, despite the speed of our time, despite the speed of this coming year, it is a turning point rather than an end point or a clear beginning. We have been in the eye of this storm of evolving consciousness for many years now. And we as simple humans are doing our best to move with the times, move with the challenges that we are offered and given by this planet, by our own people, by ourselves.

2012 will be a year that will see many breakthroughs in power. Not only sustainable power sources for the future, but power of the people. The power relationship between you and those in your life or the governments, structures, employers. The old ways which we have seen crumbling for many years will continue to crumble but with less shock, less trauma. The grief that swept across many in recent years will still be present for some. But grief becomes a learned muscle. It does not mean you will not grieve in the future for loss in your life, but when you have gone through a great grief breakdown, you and your human body and spirit start to understand the endlessness of the cycles of life.

This planet we live on is entering a different season of her lifetime. She is no longer in the cycle of youth. She is entering a phase of her life where we will have to think differently, behave differently, move with her. Many people worry about this and what it will bring. But in 2012 there will be a momentum around future change. There will be a momentum around planetary solutions, and there will be an urgency which the planet itself will direct. So any human urgency that you feel inside yourself or that is sent your way from others will not serve you, unless it feels good to be in fear or anxiety.

Sometimes being in fear or anxiety is the perfect place to be in order to release it. But often the hysteria that moves through a group gets tried on by an individual. We are influenced by each other. How could we not be? So be very clear in yourself this coming year as to what you feel your truth is around life, the planet, your reason or not to be here.

The ultimate truth of life is it is purely momentary. The moment is the place we can trust, the place we can be. The past is often the place from where we reference, trying to see ahead with the eyes of the past so as not to repeat what we perceive as mistakes, so as to create something different from that which we created before. So our future visions and intentions are often tied into the past.

But as we move out of this past century into a very different time, it allows us to let go of the past better. It allows us to recognize that the now and future are where we are and where we are headed, the only places to focus. And 2012 will constantly bring that truth into your life. For this is the consciousness turning point that we are all going through. This is not always pretty, this is not always enjoyable. But this is the truth of life. We live to our best, offering what we can to those around us when we can. Receiving what we need when we remember to receive it.

2012 will be a year of pioneers and revolutionaries. In some ways, the past 5 or so years have sent shockwaves through so many people that there has been, to some degree, a cap on what can be achieved. 2012 will blow the lid off this cap for many. You will feel more sure of what you are doing, who you are, why you are here, even if momentarily you will have to surrender to the complete uncertainty of everything and life itself in order to arrive there. In order to free yourself back to this moment, to the gratitude you have for this moment.

Some of the experiences we have seen these past years, collapse of structures, natural disasters, will continue to play through 2012. We will still have some moments of shock in each of these areas to come. But with the grief muscle now clear in many, it will be a year of action this year of power both for the individual and for the collective. In terms of our technology achievements, we have to some degree hit our head on the ceiling right now. It is not advance in technology that we are looking for apart from technological solutions that connect us to the earth – that which sustains and nurtures us.

For people power to rise, the heart is always required. So many will connect deeply to their hearts and themselves in ways they haven’t for many years. If you have been living in isolation for some time, you will not be able to continue this in 2012. You will feel a need to be with community, to be with people.

The spiritual truths of our ancestral masters, those left behind in the templates of calendars that spoke of this time as a shift in consciousness are becoming true in our bodies. We are feeling and speaking from this truth all of the time. We are creating from this truth all of the time.

The trust you will need to navigate some of the challenges in 2012 that you will face you will have already grown inside yourself. The wave of support and positivity that has flown via the internet, via the words of others, via the amount of inspirational books and messages out there is a great support to all of the challenges we have faced. But where spirit will play its strongest part in the coming year is through what we can ground as human beings using our spiritual senses, our spiritual minds, our highest hearts. How much we can open and give to each other and to this world, for we are rebuilding. We are always rebuilding.

In sensory terms, the energies of heart, throat and third eye will unify this year. So many of you will find it far easier than ever before to speak from the heart and see with spirit. But many of you will need to remember your base energy this year. That which keeps you on the ground, that which anchors you to the energy of the Earth. Given all of the planetary fluctuations inside and above many have left their base in the last few years. So physical activity, physical exercise, getting into the lower parts of your body will be very important and will allow those of you who have spent many years opening the higher aspects to move around the world creating light language in your creations, your doings and your communications with others.

More of you will experience spiritual visions, angelic encounters, seeing through the veil to those who have passed on. This will become more normal. Do not be afraid to speak about your experiences, for this normalizes it for the mass. So as and when you feel to, but without making yourself uncomfortable, be bold in what you share. Many human beings have grown bored of the old template, the old way of being. It no longer holds the wonder it did and this is perfect.

This is evolution. It is also evidence of the disconnection present in so many of the old ways and experiences that we have gone through. At the time, they connected us, but now we need something different for this different time, something more. Many of you will remember the 1960s and 1970s as being a time of revolution and evolution. The coming 2-3 years will see as many changes as those decades at great speed. Be aware the way to stay grounded and focused on what you are doing relies entirely on self-maintenance where speed is concerned.

We are all completely different with our speed. Some of us are very fast in areas, we may be slow in others. Do not let your mind seduce you into thinking one of these ways is best for you. Just live as you feel from your feelings as much as it’s possible to do and trust what you choose. Trust when your body leads you down a different road to the one that your mind wanted you to take. Do not necessarily immediately judge your mind for missing the planned road. Instead be curious as to where this innately intelligent body of your has taken you and why.

The beauty of so many of us connecting with our higher selves and listening to spirit so deeply is it allows us to re-pattern the body in a very different way. By just allowing and trusting the body to do what it wants or needs to do with curiosity and with openness you may learn something different. You may do something different. That is what life is about-seeing what and how much you can experience in your lifetime.

The boldness that many of you will feel this coming year will be unique in the last 4 or 5 years of experience you have had. Your experiences this past 4 or 5 years will have primed you to simply live, for you will have remembered that this stream of life is not promised, is not guaranteed. It is simply an experience on a beautiful planet and rather than looking back with judgment or shame on what you believe we as man may have created, instead look in the now and to the future as to what the planet and people need next. This is how you will retain your personal power this year. For judgment, shame and blame will not take any of us far, quite the opposite.

If you haven’t already, expect yourself to take a stronger focus on your physical health and well-being in 2012. It will start to become harder to align with actions or nutrition that does not suit your body, for human sensitivity is rising. And with that rise in sensitivity comes and understanding of what the body needs. Your body and your planet – mirror, mirror. Both will be served by you. Do not forget nature. It is on your doorstep. It is loud. It speaks. It is a gift for all of us. And we can treasure or ignore it. Open your eyes to the beauty that is there.

Recognize there are many in positions, governmental and otherwise, who truly want to do the best by this world and for us. So once the fighting is over, the fighting between people and governments, be willing to find the middle ground. Governmental people are people, just like you, just like me.

How would you create the world if you had the choice to be the ambassador for others? You would listen, you would seek opinion. This will occur more and more. But if you find yourself this year in judgment or blame of others, you will have a very unpleasant time in a very intense way. For the energies on this planet are no longer supporting these vibrations. They will support these vibrations for a moment of release, but not as a way of life.

Listen to yourself, daily. In this over-stimulated world recognize you are the person who can reset the balance for yourself. Do you listen to yourself daily? Or do you complain about how much noise there is in the world? The more you become an ambassador of loving silence and space, the more the template that you create inside yourself will be felt by others. The more a certain way of being is felt by others, the more it becomes shared between people. We each share with each other. This is a sharing planet.

You can choose how you want to be on Earth. You cannot always choose your circumstances or change things that have happened to you, but you can choose how you want to be. If you are in a great depression or a great disconnection from life; wondering why you are still here, know that this has been a common experience for many over the years. And know that you are still here because you are choosing to be. So get curious as to why. It is not hard to leave this planet. We can do this in many ways. Either through our own actions or “accidents” – the word we like to give these things as humans.

This is why living is so important and in our mind-led ways of being we have forgotten that we are a spark of life that is animating flesh and bone. And it is that spark of life which keeps us here. And the flesh and bone and the maintenance and support of these that allow us to do more. We live on a beautiful planet that supports and nurtures our growth. She wants us to listen and work with her. And we will, for we will have no other alternative.

2012 will be a year of great power. This word will ripple across the world and your life from different angles and different perspectives. So find the power of your heart, the power of your voice, the power of your spirit and use these in the power of your action. This is how we will create a planet of new human consciousness. We can keep talking about it or we can begin it, become it, do it.

2012: Year of Power, Year of You.

In peace and in love to all.

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