Lucas – A Personal Call Upon You All – About NESARA Announcement (HOAX?!) – 3 January 2012

I felt an urge to write and make this personal call  after reading all articles and replies and me having my own reservations on the real agenda behind this video message and articles and discussions following the posting.

The Conscious Media Network announcement  video message from James Martinez  has been the reason for all the ongoing discussion. I am really said about this all.  For me the most painful aspect was  that it made clear there is a separation between groups wanting in bases the same thing.  All references to so-called bringing a  new world order to manifest are wrong.  The groups striving one or the other way to a new system that brings the people back true abundance and peace should be applauded. I was not amused by the (audio) channeling of Archangel Michael channeled by Linda Dillon that spoke of division between groups. Also disharmonious were the amount of articles and opinions written on this announcement.

Are those the working ways of the light to bring heaven on earth again?!.                  No inclusion, reconciliation and consensus but all old duality and ego bits.  It is a shame that this announcement as it was made (and stated) to reassure people  things are really moving forward backfired.   I will call upon all groups from the heaven and the earth to  move on talking and bring a system in unity to light. Then make the announcement as big as you want for every soul on earth to know it is done. Stop speaking of Oneness, love and light as you still have hidden agendas and interests that are not for the good of all in your minds.  It is enough. Be that what you preach with your mouth or say to be intending.

You all,  whatever form, dimension or faction your are in,  bring the genuine NESARA about NOW, in Oneness, Unity and for the good of all on this planet.

Love and Light,


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2 responses to “Lucas – A Personal Call Upon You All – About NESARA Announcement (HOAX?!) – 3 January 2012

  1. Amen to that—Aren’t we all on the same path?