Regina Meredith – Reply Of The Conscious Media Network – More thoughts on Global Economic Restructuring – 3 January 2012

(Lucas : Comment: Nice to see a reply on the annoucement made. I said before James  Martinez is the messenger – Do not shoot the messenger. He is a great reporter even if he  has announced the message and put his name on the line by doing so.)
January 3, 2012

When we were approached to post this statement, we understood that it would be like blowing smoke in the beehive of the alternative news communities but we had a gut reaction to go ahead with it.

Many of the comments about the video were concerned that we are all being conned. Perhaps. Many others were justifiably critical that there are few details involved in the statement. As far as I know, the statement was designed to simply put the concept out that our monetary and economic systems are crumbling and that something has been built underneath in its place.

As I mentioned in the video, I spent some time speaking with the person who drafted the statement and they pointed out that there would be a great deal of public education that would follow in attempting to explain this new economic/business model in which “individual meritocracy” would be the goal.

Here is the definition that was given:

“Meritocracy, as it is applied to the new system, is an ideology of the system and it is an intended, individualized result.

This is not meritocracy as that term may be understood in a political sense, but is more a type of approach to enterprise administration (economic, socio-economic, humanitarian) that provides the best tools and capital for individuals/groups/NGO’s/SME’s and so on to excel and to thrive. Individualized meritocracy is what results from this approach.

For example, the removal of capital constraints coupled with greater access to external support mechanisms can enable many people to develop, implement and fund cogent plans to achieve optimum sustainable results in their personal lives and in almost any field of endeavor. It is the achievement of the highest levels of one’s individual performance – unleashed potential.

That’s just a part of the new system by the way. It goes well beyond that.”

We can read ‘New World Order’ into this if we choose, but we have no evidence whether or not this is another of their plans to enslave humanity. I can only say that the “feeling” I got when speaking with the man was one of genuineness, pragmatism and openness. This isn’t to say I can’t be fooled, but there was no glitz, no premature promises, just a clear position of intent that he assured me is backed up by many powerful people.

We are quick to point fingers but no-one seems to be working on a viable solution other than people like Michael Tellinger and his Contributionism Party in South Africa, or Michael St.Clair’s Radiant Zones.

That people are skeptical is completely understandable particularly with a heinous act such as the NDAA that Obama signed into law the same day as this announcement. But when does the time arrive that we dare to accept that something profound, even beautiful, can happen? Are we so beaten down by fear and anger that beauty and prosperity is no longer a part of our inner yearning? We are the creators of our experience. It would certainly seem to be to our advantage to give those people behind this message time to prove it. What do we have to lose except the fear that we are being made fools of? It wouldn’t be the first time. What are we gaining in holding on to our guarded, finger-pointing, defeatist beliefs that we are being ‘controlled’ by others and will be succumbing to even more control in the future?

I have had private conversations with individuals that have intelligence from the inside that there is noticeable in-fighting within these wealthy families and within governments. We are moving into a cosmic energetic alignment that will not allow for the old patterns to continue. Listen to our interview with Jessica Murray on this.

Furthermore, I have also come to understand that the true elite, the wealthiest people on the planet, are not known to any of us. We can only guess at, and project, what their role is in this. Is it fair to assume that they all wish to see humanity suffer? That is a naive assumption on our part. Bob Neveritt speaks of this in our wild ride of an interview this month in the Radio section.

Being an admitted optimist, I personally feel a sense of change in the air. I feel as though some invisible doors have been opened to the human race for new opportunity. If the message on Global Economic Restructuring is truthful, we may just be pleasantly surprised at what life on this planet might look like in the near future.

Via by Regina Meredith 3th Jan.2012 link to original article

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