Steve Beckow – Philippine Gold, Platinum And Cash – Treasure Found Below The Sea – Part 3 – 3 January 2012

Udo and JP have now sent a report that details the discovery of the Filipino Treasure, retrieved from a sunken wreck. They discuss here how and where the treasure was found and speculate on what purposes it was to be used for. 

The express their desire only to see that the vast quantity of bullion and money be returned to its rightful owners: the people of the United States.

Thanks to William for crunching the pictures, some of which I could not previously make use of.


Here is now the start of the story about the 100.000 US$ Gold Bullion Certificates

It started through contacts, a group of treasure hunters visited J.P. They presented a box which they later called the “Baby Box”. First J.P. didn’t trust the group, but as soon as he opened the box and saw the plates, its writings and names, he became interested / curious.

J. P. called me immediately and together we examined and documented the findings. We both were deeply impressed. We convinced the group to let us continue our documentation over night, because the photos we made were not clear enough. The next day I had the idea to scan the plates. We also encoded the text of the plates, which after scanning were very clear to read.

Later that day we met up with the group again and inquired about more details of their findings. The treasure hunters claimed their findings came out of a wreck located in Mindanao. They were members of the primary group of treasure hunters. For J. P. and me everything about this finding looked absolutely real.

We checked the signature specimens of the signatories of the plates and the notes through Us Treasury and Minting Web sites. We offered the group our help and we mentioned our idea of a possible finder’s fee. The group was interested to sell the box for 500.000 phil. Pesos, about 10.000 US$ at the time.

We got the information that 12 ‘Baby Boxes” are together in 1 “Master Box”. Each “Master Box” has additional 111 Messing Plates with information. We were not willing to buy a “Master Box” to get the information of the entire box. Their price was 5.000.000 phil. Pesos, about 100.000 US$.

Federal Reserve Board of New York 26 Million Dollars

They also told us about a Blue Book found in the wreck (inventory list). Since names of the parties involved were clearly documented, we told the group about our plan to write letters about the findings and to ask the parties involved for responses. When the group realized who the parties involved were they started doubting the course of action.

Our relationship was then documented at a notary public. The names of the members of the treasure hunters involved were kept secret by us. Only the notary public knows all parties from our site involved. This is true still today.

We than wrote and send the letter of the finding by fax and email to US President Obama, the Secretary of the US Treasury Mrs. Escobon and the Head of J.P. Morgan, Mr. Dimon. After 3 Days J. P. made follow up phone calls to the offices of the recipients. No response! So we did send them a second time.

After follow ups again no response! As we mentioned in our letters not only of the “Baby Box”, but also about the existence of the “Master Boxes” and the total amount of US$ Gold Certificates, it became ridiculous to us. If someone looses his valet incl. his ID card and gets an offer to receive everything back, why this huge finding gets no reaction at all.

Even when they would have claimed the money was fake they should have reacted. Meanwhile we understand why nobody reacted.

We received numerous photos and other information from the treasure hunters. This put oil on our investigative fire. After weeks of intensive research we could barely believe our documented facts and still the more we found the more questions came up.

Why did they make this Expert Plan shortly (6 days) after Hitler became dictator and ruler over Germany.

The Reichspresident had his last breath and funds were already ready to be released. The Liberty Bond with 25 Billion US$ in Gold was only part of a much bigger picture. The Expert Plan, which did include the 7 countries of the Treaty of Versailles, including Germany.

The bankrupt Germany was financed to build up within 5 years the industry, the infrastructure and the mobilization of their armed forces. Ready for War.

Total revenue of the U.S.A. In 1934 was 759 Million Dollars in (200 Million Citizens) In 2007 total revenue of the U.S.A. Was 5.6 Trillion Dollars in (300 Million Citizens). “The LIBERTY BOND” valued at 25 BILLION DOLLARS in Gold under the “EXPERT PLAN” was set up August 8, 1934. The 4.2 Billion US$ in Gold were allocated for the war efforts in South East Asia.

Global Immunity Plate

All People involved received Global Immunity for all Crimes related to the Expert Plan. Also for Mr. Hitler and Co.? Unfortunately we don’t have information regarding the Expert Plan as of Today. We suppose more information can be found on those 111 “Master Box” Plates.

The photos of the other “Bond Master Box” containing 12 “Bond Baby Boxes” of each 250 Billion US$ total of 3 Trillion US$ in 1928 gives us only reasons for speculations how they have been used, or what they have been set up for.

The Wells Fargo Safe might be dated back to the civil war in America. Why are these treasures like Palladium, Platinum and Gold here in the Philippines?

If this financial power would have been used constructively rather than destructively, heaven on earth would have been possible. J.P. and me are aware the time we all live in. This did also motivate us not to use our ego mind to guide us in our ways.

We hope that the people of America whose Gold was unrightfully taken away from them, by a Gold Ban established in 1932 after the so called “Great Depression” and abused by private interests, will get back what is rightfully theirs.

Whatever was raised for the “Expert Plan” and returned to the rightful owners the entire world would benefit by an abundant life for everyone.

J.P. and I are in great hope that our contribution will benefit and liberate the children of god.


I AM udo I AM jean-pierre

Here too is an earlier letter from Udo.


There are 7 square plates in each “Baby Box” made out of Messing. The Bank Memorandum, General Bond, General Order, Global Immunity, Gold Bullion Memorandum, Inventory List and Treasury Memorandum. They are all made out of Messing.

Me and J.P. are located in Lapu – Lapu City, Island of Mactan, Cebu Province. Central Philippines. We tried to publicise our knowledge about the Gold Bullions and other Material already. We know it is a smoking Gun!

Many researchers may need this evidences to complete their puzzle. There are 111 Messing Plates together with an Inventory Book. 12 “Baby Boxes) are in 1 “Master Box”. The treasure hunters saw this other Messing Plates and Inventory Book. They told us that the “Master Boxes”, there are several of them, are in Mindanao located where the unrest (Civil War) is.

We believe that the “Civil War” is only to scare people away. A lot of treasures are found in this area. The Philippines celebrate their Independence from Spain every year. They are eventually the only country which doesn’t celebrate their independence from the last Colonial Power. They say to be independent since 1946 from the USA, but they don’t celebrate it like other countries would do.

The Americans say the 100.000 US$ Gold Bullions never left US soil. Maybe they are correct! The Philippines have been an american colony. Maybe they are still.
I meet tomorrow with J.P., his real name is Jean-Pierre, but everyone calls him J.P. J.P. is a Belgian and I am a German. he lives in Cebu for more than 10 years and me for 14 years. I will ask him what we can do that you have no more problems with the photos.

We will send more photos and our report. I don’t want anything is getting lost or forgotten. We know they did set up the Gold confiscation and 4.2 billion are exact the amount of 42.000 X 100.000 US$ Gold Certificates , printed in 1934, We know there was, is a Mastern Plan.

Thanks also for the information you publish every day.
We are happy that David Wilcock is interested too. We both appreciate his work very much. If we can be of help to him and to all of humanity, we are honoured.



And another earlier letter.

We discovered the fact that the US Government confiscated the Gold of their citizens’, while no private person in the US was allowed to own Gold. J.P. Morgan did deposit a huge amount of Gold as a private entity to the Treasury of America not his Bank. 100.000 US$ Gold Certificates were printed for the use between Banks. But as we can see they were printed in 1934. Exact 42.000 pieces not more, not less.

The exact amount given to J.P. Morgan. The confiscated Gold was devaluated before it has been taken from the people. 1 week before the 33 years term ended the Gold price catapulted to enormous value. The support to Nazi Germany to make WWII happen etc.
Me and JP will send you our report asap.

Our purpose is that the truth shall come out. We are working for the light. The truth shall set us free. Hopefully on or before Dec. 21, 2012.

Some items are here in Cebu, some items are on other islands. Some were found in Mindanao. The 1934 Series of Gold Certificates as well as other items were found on wrecks in the sea of Mindanao according to the treasure hunters they are mostly in the possession of an Military Person whose name they kept secret in Mindanao.

1 “Baby Box” was sold to a Japanese buyer another one was sold to an American. We found in the internet that Ferdinand Marcos when he entered Hawaii after he left the Philippines had also Gold Certificates which has been confiscated by the US. Some single Bullions were given away.

We don’t know why they were transported to the Philippines. Why all those Treasures found here were in the Philippines at all.

We hope our information will bring light to all questions.

As said, I meet with J. P. tomorrow to get all info’s together.

We are thankful that you are interested. We have not yet published the whole thing because people are scared and most of all ignorant.



Via by Steve Beckow 2th Jan. 2012 link to article


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