Wes Annac – Played-Upon Separation And The Distrust Of The Galactic Federation – 3 January 2012

A Female-Human Extraterrestrial

This post originates from a comment I posted on Ashtar Command, on a blog post entitled ‘GFL Cover Up’

In my opinion, that blog post is just another manifestation of the ongoing ‘conflict’ between those believe in the Galactic Federation and their pure intentions, and those who do not wish to believe in them or wish to believe they are dark entities looking to deceive. Separation is clearly being played upon and noticed between those who believe in the GFL and those who don’t and in this article I give my opinion on such matters. 

These days, I think that too many people are worrying themselves overly with aspects of our ascension that do not need to be worried about over and over again. I personally believe in the Galactic Federation, only because they have directly shown me numerous times that they are real. I have no evidence to present, and no wish to convince anybody else of what I think and feel. Some will choose not to believe in the Galactic Federation. Can one blame them? After Living so long on this world where those in power are the most corrupt, can one blame somebody for not wishing to believe in powers higher than the elites on our world? Also, can one blame somebody for having that rousing suspicion that if the Galactic Federation are real, then they might be out to deceive? 

Think about the United States in, say, the 1950s. Nearly everybody pledged allegiance to and believed fully in the governments, the very governments that were stealing gold from the Asians and working toward a New World Order. Now, many people have awakened to the fact that those in power whom they trusted the very most, were actually working all along against them. As such, we as a species have began to learn to sharpen our discernment when it comes to who we should trust. I for one would feel pretty silly trusting the Galactic Federation if they turned out to be working against us.  BUT

I know through personal experiences with them that they are not working against us, and that they are working to help us free ourselves from the tight grip of those who have called themselves our leaders. If you see this post from me as ‘pro’ or ‘anti’ GFL, than you are missing the point, and still operating under a dualistic mindset. We are all going to have our own opinions on matters such as these, and I believe we should respect the opinions of others, even if they seem to be overbearing or connected to an agenda of sorts.

I used to believe that any and every soul who, even at the very least had suspicions about the Galactic Federation and voiced those suspicions on the internet, were disinformation agents who were purposefully working against the GFL. In my opinion, that is a scary level of trust of the Galactic Federation, and since then I have learned the reasons behind the suspicions of others, and while again I personally have seen the starships of the Galactic Federation, have been inside the star/motherships and have actually had personal contact with members representing the Galactic Federation (mind you, the latter two occurrences took place in the dreamscape) I have learned to myself be discerning when it comes to anything, including channeled messages because if one does not know what they are doing, they can potentially invite dark beings into their personal energy fields, who will feed them disinformation.

Getting back to my original point of this post, whether the Galactic Federation is ‘real’ or not (dualistic mindset coming in to play again there) should not matter in the face of our ascension. What many people tend to forget is that the foundation of these beliefs, of the beliefs of ETs and the Galactic Federation and NESARA, the foundation of these beliefs is the knowledge of our ascension, which is most important. One belief I do not accept and never will, is the belief that when the ET presence is disclosed, they are then going to come ‘save us’ and somehow ensure that we all ascend without doing the work. In my opinion, that is totally hogwash. Yes, in my view they are here to help us achieve our ascension, but they are in NO WAY here to do the work for us, only to ensure the dark does not blow the planet up as we are trying to do this work. Laura Tyco has called it a ‘parent-child’ type of relationship.

What is most important in my opinion to remember is that we are moving to ever-higher states of consciousness, and whether our ascension is achieved by the Galactic Federation’s presence being disclosed, leading to a revolution of information about ascension also being disclosed, or whether it is achieved by ‘dragon families’ taking back not only the gold stolen from them, but the legitimacy of the gold they do have which is to be used for humanitarian projects and giving financial security to every soul on Earth, which will lead to a coming together of humanity as the perceived separation that in many cases is caused by financial inequality, begins to lift off of us, matters not.

Maybe none of those scenarios will pan out and instead, the select few million of us who know about ascension and are ascending currently, will be the only ones to inhabit higher realms of consciousness while the rest of humanity continues it’s collective third dimensional lessons. Either way, I know that I will be ascending, whether through extraterrestrial help (which I am already receiving telepathically) or through my own learning of difficult karmic lessons.

So, let us all accept each other and each other’s opinions regardless of the fact that our opinions differ from person to person. We can all agree on one thing: we are ascending!

Much Love 🙂

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