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Dianne Robbins – Adama and Gaia – 4 January 2012


“I am Adama. I would like to give you a message to send out to the world for January 2012…

Dearest Folk on the surface,

Though you are above ground
And we below
Yet we watch and see you
As you come and go Continue reading


Greg Giles – Message From The Pleiadians – 4 January 2012

The Ashtar Command reclamation project is a joint cooperation between the forces of the Ashtar Command and the Galactic Federation. The goal of this project is to bring back light, which is information, and freedom of thought and expression to the people of this planet. This project has long been in the planning stages and has also been fully underway for many ages. Today, you stand at the threshold of this elaborate project’s success and you are the forerunners of what can be expected of many more of your brothers and sisters in the days ahead. Continue reading

UFO Report – UFO Fleet or MotherShip – Serbia- Pančevo – 3 January 2012

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UFO Report- Red Glowing UFO – Madrid – Spain – 1 January 2012

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UFO Report – Cigar UFO – New York City – USA – 2 January 2012



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Gloria Wendroff – The Heaven Letters – In the Fullness Of Love – 4 January 2012

God said:

You are so innocent that you think you are sophisticated. You think you are wise to the ways of the world. That is not such a wise thing. It is not a great accomplishment. Better to be wise in the ways of innocence, beloveds. Be open to all that I offer you and that stands before you. What is superficial upon Earth is superficial. There is more to life than superficiality.

Know the value of what I have given you. Know the value of yourself. Know the light you stand in. Continue reading

Wanderer Of The Skies – Greetings From The Federation – 4 January 2012

Greetings from the Federation:

There is much “afoot,” as the saying goes, on your world today. Keep your eye on the ball because those who seem of the light may not be and those who seem to be serving the Illuminati may, in fact, surprise you. We have extended our protection to those who are in most need of it at this time and have stopped massive efforts from the Illuminati to start a major conflict in the cradle of your civilization. We cannot allow this to happen since plans must go forward towards the inevitable. Continue reading

Mike Quinsey – SaLuSA – 4 January 2012

Ever since you set out upon your path to Ascension, you have been given every help and encouragement to take up the challenge to decide your own destiny. The fact is you have achieved far more than was initially expected, and you are to be congratulated upon setting up victory over the dark Ones. We have of course walked the path with you, and because you requested our help we have been able to respond to it. Thus far you were expected to take the major responsibility for achieving success but now we are becoming more involved, as we have our part to play to ensure all is completed as decreed. Continue reading

Marlene Swetlishoff – The Angelic Forces Of Victory – 4 January 2012

January 4, 2011

To the Beloved Lightworkers of the World,

We are the Angelic Forces of Victory and we come to you in these times to bring you empowerment, that you may know that your daily efforts to raise your frequency levels and your love quotient is being met upon the higher planes with an even greater magnification and so you are each becoming the Radiant Ones, the Human Angels who are in the process of the remembrance of your Divine heritage. We walk beside you to the victory of the Mastery of your rising above the human condition, that you may fulfill the greater Plan for your lives and the lives of all sentient Beings upon your Planet. Continue reading

Greg Giles – Can We Trust The Galactic Federation? – 4 January 2012

There is an energy sweeping through our world. You feel it and I feel it. It is a transformational wave; uplifting, assuring, nurturing, illuminating, loving and reconnecting. Without the influence of anyone else, we all know, we just ‘know’, these winds of change are divinely sent, and at this moment in our collective journey, a critical necessity. Our God given powers of intuition and self discernment reawakened, we need not be taken by the hand and instructed that it is time for many to leave behind the illusion of fear, darkness, distrust and separation, and return to the frequency of love, light, trust, and unity. Now is the time for us to reconnect with Source, which is everything and every being throughout God’s magnificent creation, the oneness of all. Continue reading