Gloria Wendroff – The Heaven Letters – In the Fullness Of Love – 4 January 2012

God said:

You are so innocent that you think you are sophisticated. You think you are wise to the ways of the world. That is not such a wise thing. It is not a great accomplishment. Better to be wise in the ways of innocence, beloveds. Be open to all that I offer you and that stands before you. What is superficial upon Earth is superficial. There is more to life than superficiality.

Know the value of what I have given you. Know the value of yourself. Know the light you stand in.

Know Me. I AM God, the Love of Your Heart. Knowing Me is valuable to you. It is more valuable than rubies. With or without rubies, you can enjoy life in the world. Do not go so far afield from innocence. Do not be so smart that you miss the True Gold. The True Gold makes life beautiful. Outsmarting the world does not. Be innocent. You are not meant to be conniving.

Of course, immerse yourself in the world, yet let not the world overshadow the sunshine of your True Heart. Your True Heart is not so interested in amassing. It cares about giving and lifting the cares of the world, transmuting them, removing the varnish, revealing the Truth, unmasking all masks.

What is sophistication but a mask? Truly, beloveds, you do not know what will happen tomorrow. You do not know what will happen today. May all good pour upon you.

In one way, you do set the tone of the world. In another way, the world rules you. Better to be guided by My heart of love which gets to the bottom of things. You can dance on top of the world, and you can swim in the depths of the Ocean. You have the Ocean. The Ocean is yours. Avail yourself of it. Coming from the Source, you will leap higher. And if you find you don’t leap as high as you would like, it won’t matter so much.

Much of what matters to you matters not. Love matters. Peace matters. Your neighbor matters. Life matters even though it is but an escapade. Life matters very much. I gave it to you to enjoy. I did not give it to you to overdo. I did not give it to you to jump to conclusions.

Remember your heritage. Remember goodness and mercy. Enjoy commerce in the world and transmute it into golden service. What an opportunity you have to serve Me in the world of commerce.

Life in the world is not meant to be a winner take all. It is meant to be service. No one is to be left out. No one is to be tossed aside. Life in the world is meant to be of benefit to all.

If you live for yourself alone and for your own aggrandizement, you are a con man, and you con yourself. You take advantage of yourself. You cheapen yourself. You do not hold yourself as valuable, so you call assets evidence of your worth. It is fine if you are good at gaining assets, yet it is finer to share them.

You are here on Earth to profit the Earth and not inordinately just yourself. No man is an island is bare Truth. What profits you, beloveds? What gifts do you give to solace the Earth and the people who live on it? Surely, you have a gift to give. Reach out your hand and give it. Reach high. Pull down a few stars to share on Earth. Give happiness, and you will be happy. Be innocent and love giving on Earth, and love being on Earth and love your fellow Beings and let them know that love comes from the fullness of My heart in yours and, therefore, in theirs.

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