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Fran Zepeda – Message from Archangel Michael – Light Your Own Way To The Truth – 5 January 2012

Greetings, I AM Michael. I come before you today with great news. The light that has been penetrating your world has reached a level of saturation which up to this point in your lifetimes has been unequaled. Not for many eons have you experienced this amount of light. It has indeed been steadily lifting you up to new levels of consciousness in divine preparation for glorious ascension.

You are all feeling the energies in different ways, of course. You are all being expanded and challenged with dropping old patterns of living. Every minute now you are facing decisions of going on with what you are used to doing and feeling and saying, or carving a fresh new path and perspective. Because there is no precedent for much of what is entering into your consciousness now, it will feel strange indeed, and there will be moments where you will not be inclined to trust it. We ask you to trust and to go with it, and to open your mind to the newness. Your heart will tell you if it is true. Continue reading


Greg Giles – Message From The Galactic Federation – 5 January 2012

There have been periods throughout your lifetimes when things just didn’t seem to be working out for you, and then you came full circle and may have come out of it all better for the experience. Such may be where you find yourself today, with so many obstacles that seem at times to fall from the skies and find themselves in your path. Try to look at these bumps in the road as learning experiences, for indeed they are. More of your life than you may be aware of has been carefully planned. This goes for the good times as well as the difficult periods. We say to you to try to find the best way to rise above these obstacles and persevere. Only through your determined efforts will you move on and through these detours along your journey’s path. Continue reading

Kamala and Sharon Rose – Golden Age Messages From The Masters – 5 January 2012

Golden Age Messages from the Masters
through the founders of the Unveiled Mystery School of Maui

Living As Your Presence ~~ Part 2
We are here to expand the bridge of Love and Light that is calling you to cross over into an entirely new way of living, loving and being on your Earth, a way that will demonstrate what it looks like and what it feels like to walk your Earth in the mastery of your Presence. In your next year, those who are consciously living as their Presence will begin to set into motion foundational policies that will be supporting the best for all of humanity, all of the animal and plant kingdoms, and every form of life sharing your Earth. Continue reading

Wes Annac – Forgiveness And Other Deep-Rooted Issues That 2012 Is Bringing Us – 5 January 2012

Can we forgive those who have hurt us? Most if not all who read this, will at the surface think that since forgiveness is a Supreme tool for the establishment of Unconditional Love, that forgiving those who have hurt us would not only be the right way to go, but  would also be the most desirable way to go. While I agree with that, forgiving, being a grand tool for Unconditional Love, can be much less easier than it seems to be. Think back upon your Life, to those souls who have hurt you most, who have hurt you in ways so painful that you wish to keep yourself and your energy away from them at all times. (Not tryin’ to be a bummer here guys!)  Continue reading

Sheldan Nidle – 2012 And Beyond – Tazz And Paula Show blogtalkradio – 5 Januari 2012

This is a 4 YouTube video display of the 29th December 2011 aired Tazz And Paula Show on blogtalkradio with Sheldan Nidle on 2012 and beyond.

The videos are uploaded by Bigsteelguy3 the 31th December 2011.

Look also on http://www.blogtalkradio.com/tazzandpaula

Continue reading

UFO Report – Crystal clear UFO Over Jing Xian – Shaanxi Fuping – China – December 2011

Uploaded on YouTube by Hibernate2012 on 28th Dec. 2012 (thanks to Rainbow Citzen for pointing out this UFO report to me and I post it now then)


Zachary And Zapharia- Call To Mastery – Lee Harris – 5 January 2012

This is a video excerpt from Lee Harris channeling  Zachary  and  Zapharia. This short video I felt suited the things happening now so  I post it here.

It is from LeeHarrisEnergy uploaded 6th October 2011 is a film from his channeling in Sante Fe New Mexico 2011:

Mathew Ward – World Outlook 2012 – 5 January 2012

Outlooks on state of the world; importance of light to bodies; changes in Nirvana; departure of souls, other developments this year; no armed conflicts with Iran or North Korea; US national defense authorization bill; Illuminati recent history in US, President Barack Obama

1. This is Matthew, with loving greetings from all souls at this station. In these first few days into your new year, we are seeing that the energy streamers of most people are moving slowly—for some this may indicate sighs of fulfillment now that all holiday preparations and celebrations are over, and for others, the ebbing of sadness that intensifies during your traditional season of holy days and family time. In any event, there is the settling back into the rhythm of life’s usual pace of responsibilities and interests. Continue reading

Lucas – The Lack Of Oneness – Shifting From The Last Dualities – 5 January 2012

I felt  a lot of things these past weeks but merely a great lack of Oneness. I was confronted several times with exclusion of people,  people who are taking roles of rulers, people of light that divide and exclude. People that have hidden agendas. People that will not listen at any cost to what in essence was said and more. I will say that not even I am without duality issues. Those issues are for most, better said, for almost all of us still a problem. The difference in being conscious of those issues in recognizing or seeing  things you do or do not. Then  you have a choice to change it or leave it as it is. That is your free will.  Conscious is therefore a keyword in the first step to know your own issues. A lot of the problems are simply ignored even by lightworkers and people displaying themselves as role models. Continue reading

Gloria Wendroff – The Heaven Letters – Follow Your Heart Where It Takes You – 5 January 2012

Know this. You may know better than someone else. Science can tell you that you are mistaken and that science knows better. And, yet, what is in your heart may be right and what other upright ones feel or believe may not be right, or it may, and yet everyone has to go by his own heart. No one has to go by yours. You have to go by yours and let others go by theirs.

You are not derelict to let others follow their hearts. You are not the sayer of another’s heart. You are the sayer of your own heart, and to your own heart, be true. Continue reading