Gloria Wendroff – The Heaven Letters – Follow Your Heart Where It Takes You – 5 January 2012

Know this. You may know better than someone else. Science can tell you that you are mistaken and that science knows better. And, yet, what is in your heart may be right and what other upright ones feel or believe may not be right, or it may, and yet everyone has to go by his own heart. No one has to go by yours. You have to go by yours and let others go by theirs.

You are not derelict to let others follow their hearts. You are not the sayer of another’s heart. You are the sayer of your own heart, and to your own heart, be true.

The whole world may think differently from you, and you may be right. There is comfort in numbers, but not always the truth. I do not want to say that you should not listen to others, yet you are not obligated to go by others no matter how learned they may be. Sometimes the most practical advice is simply not the best advice for you. No matter how well-meaning, advice may be off-track.

Unless you try something, how do you know? It is all right to be beholden to your own heart, not as a matter of principle, no, not at all. Your heart will tell you when to let go and when to hold on. Never hold on for the sake of holding on or to prove a point. Hold on when it is your destiny to hold on.

It is easy to be swayed by others, yet others do not always know what is right for themselves let alone for you.

What if men like Einstein and Columbus and Christ and Buddha had not listened to their own hearts? What would have been lost? Of course, I would have found another way, and, yet, it is possible to wonder what other treasures have been lost because someone followed the status quo rather than his or her own heart.

Remember, We are not talking about whim or fantasy or an ego jaunt. The point is that sometimes you have to follow your heart with or without encouragement. Your vision is not to be denied. Even if you are the only one who thinks as you may, you may be right. And I want to say, beloveds, so long as you follow your heart, your true heart, you can’t be wrong.

Even when your enterprise does not turn out as you would wish, no one has the right to say that you were wrong. You simply went down a certain road, and then you took another road. Is that wrong?

There are those who tell you to never never give up as well, and, yet, only your heart can tell you. Or, you may like to think of it this way: that I will tell you when.

No matter what decision you make, the whole universe does not depend upon the enterprise you undertake. And so, decisions are up to you. Be captain of your own ship. A captain always wants to forge his ship ahead, and, yet, if he has to take another course, he turns his ship around and takes another course. Nothing wrong about that.

That which you believe in, believe in. And when you no longer believe in it, let it go. Results are not guaranteed, nor are results the making of you. If you are looking for the plaudits of the world, look again. Plaudits are not what they are cooked up to be.

Have an inkling why you make the choices you do, and make them. They are your choices to make. Do not always be led by others, no matter how well-meaning. Steer the rudder of your own heart.

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