Kamala and Sharon Rose – Golden Age Messages From The Masters – 5 January 2012

Golden Age Messages from the Masters
through the founders of the Unveiled Mystery School of Maui

Living As Your Presence ~~ Part 2
We are here to expand the bridge of Love and Light that is calling you to cross over into an entirely new way of living, loving and being on your Earth, a way that will demonstrate what it looks like and what it feels like to walk your Earth in the mastery of your Presence. In your next year, those who are consciously living as their Presence will begin to set into motion foundational policies that will be supporting the best for all of humanity, all of the animal and plant kingdoms, and every form of life sharing your Earth.
~ Ascended Masters El Morya and Lady Miriam ~

All the ascended Masters within the Councils of Shamballa suggest that you end the year 2011 in a state of gratitude and total forgiveness for yourself and for everyone who has ever been in your life or in your family tree throughout every lifetime. In 2012 you can then become a living demonstration of the lightness of being that comes from living without holding onto any guilt, remorse, fear, disappointment or any residual longing for what was or what might have been.

As you place more of your attention on living as the Divine Love and Light that is the true essence of your Presence, your Light quotient raises until eventually there is simply no room in your mind or body for limiting thoughts and feelings. When you discipline yourself to live in Divine Love, your heart will remain open to the guidance of your Presence and you will literally experience more and more of the profound joy that naturally comes from living in Unity Consciousness.
Many of you are aware that you have been a part of creating a new home base for humanity ─ a 5th Dimensional base where everyone will truly be experiencing much more of what is possible when you are relating Presence to Presence. We are seeing new levels of optimism emanating from many of you who are already feeling that you have entered into at least the outskirts of your new Golden Age of Freedom.

A part of living as your Presence is being more aware of how sound, light and color are always a part of your communications. We suggest that you pay closer attention to the quality of the sounds you are emitting as you speak and notice if you have an emotional charge on what you are saying. If your words feel nourishing and loving, then chances are they are feeling good to others as well. If your words are filled with judgment, anger or vindictiveness, for example, they will not feel good to you or your listeners and the colors, sounds and geometries going into the atmosphere will be distorted. If these kinds of thoughts arise, we suggest you stop for a moment, take a few sacred breaths from your Divine Self, so you feel connected to your Presence before continuing to communicate.

Many of you are experiencing more of your expanded capacities to see and hear beyond what you may have considered “normal” in previous times. Your entire endocrine system is shifting into higher frequencies to accommodate the increases in Light and Love that are filling your life with many new surprises. You may find that you want less solid food and more liquids and that this will keep you feeling more comfortable as all of these new energies are being integrated within your body. When you identify yourself as your mind, you are living in what you call “time,” and when you live and identify yourself as your body, you are living within the parameters of its “space,” yet what you truly are naturally transcends both time and space, leaving you as the omnipresent, omniscient Self.

As you move into more of the consciousness of your Presence, you will not be fixed into a specific location or time zone because you will know that you are simply present wherever you are!

Freedom is the natural state of your Presence and your ascension into that freedom is one of the reasons you chose to be here at this time. We are not speaking of ascending somewhere that is outside of your body or even outside of your mind, yet rather living here as a Master who can use the mind, enjoy your feelings, and your body and yet not be confined by them.

From the ascended state of Christ or Unity Consciousness, a living Master can experience the joy that exists within both the form and formless worlds—the temporary and the everlasting worlds. This Ascension allows you to move with ease between these worlds, so you never think that you have to go anyplace other that where you are to experience living in paradise as your Presence.

As you keep awakening and living as your Presence, much more peace and joy will descend into your world and spiritual treasures will start to descend from the eternal realms. Go forth into this next year of 2012 knowing that the illusion of separation is quickly disappearing and that Source has encoded within your heart your potential to walk the Earth as a living master. We bless you and wish you a truly unprecedented New Year!

Through Kamala and Sharon Rose

From the deks of Galactic Heart / PAOweb newsletter by Colleen 5th Jan. 2012


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