Lucas – The Lack Of Oneness – Shifting From The Last Dualities – 5 January 2012

I felt  a lot of things these past weeks but merely a great lack of Oneness. I was confronted several times with exclusion of people,  people who are taking roles of rulers, people of light that divide and exclude. People that have hidden agendas. People that will not listen at any cost to what in essence was said and more. I will say that not even I am without duality issues. Those issues are for most, better said, for almost all of us still a problem. The difference in being conscious of those issues in recognizing or seeing  things you do or do not. Then  you have a choice to change it or leave it as it is. That is your free will.  Conscious is therefore a keyword in the first step to know your own issues. A lot of the problems are simply ignored even by lightworkers and people displaying themselves as role models.

Here are some statements I have been confronted with on the net (and tweaked them just to get the point across) of people still needing to shift away from duality to Oneness thinking with the heart.

Statements as:   I need to be the best. I am the best writer. I am only interested in making good money and do anything for it.  I am the one who first published.         I publish to my glory  without any accountability of sources and copyrights nor credits of others I took the information from.  I am the best in playing people, bullying them, not telling my hidden agenda and therefore get what I want and if they are not complying I will get rid of them. I am only interested in what is in advantage to me, I am not going to seek unity because the division of things makes me being the ruler.  I judge people or condemn them or hate them because they did or did not fit in my perception of things or my dogmas, belief system or convictions. I do not listen to them.  I am not honest.  I have no integrity. I am not social.  I am not considerate. ……………….. etc. Here ends the short resumé.

The best things in undoing negative duality issues  is doing the  positive counterpart. Do not seek competition. Do  not to judge. Do not victimize. Do not divide. Do not strive. Do not rule. Do not exclude. Do not hate. Do not bring hidden agendas in things. Do not get your opinion, belief or conviction to be the standard of things. Do not go for money or materialism as the end goal. Do listen. Do see things as they are without having to express  their wrong or right. Do  not fear. Be social and considerate. Etc.  Honestly love all as you are One in Oneness.

The conscious knowing of the dualities issues opens the chance to change and balance out things. If you do, harmony, peace and Oneness are your gifts.

As the ballast of dualities is thrown overboard we finally will get to setting our common goals for this world as One. We then will realize that a new financial system, new governments or governance, new free energy developments and other things will come sooner to manifest as we find a way to work and think in Oneness for the better of all mankind and Mother Earth. So let us make the lack of Oneness into abundance. Make it happen.

Love and Light,


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