Ruth Ryden – The Masters Of Light – 5 January 2012

From Ruth Ryden & The Masters Of Light


Well, here we are in 2012. The world is still doing some twisting and turning, the weather patterns are weird, and we are all taking it in stride. Right? Interesting that the number of this issue carries a 12! I want to give a very profound thank you to all of you who have sent beautiful cards, heart-warming notes, and most appreciated gifts for the Christmas season. They all mean a lot to me as I sit here alone by my computer each month. I tape my cards up on my cabinets so my family and friends can enjoy them too. We had a crowded family Christmas and a wonderful visit from my California daughter the last week. Now, back to what the Masters are waiting to give us for the coming days.

Masters, please give us what you see in the coming month and the rest of the year that you feel will not be changing due to human or terrestrial interference.

MASTERS: “We, in the fields of time, send to all of you our deepest concern during these coming weeks and months, as the planet Earth comes into alignment with the Milky Way (to put it very simply). This is not a collision, but the blending of frequencies for a short time that will disrupt many weather patterns and the inner core of the planet.

As the many channels are now publishing New Years predictions, we see that many of them are receiving good information, but many others sending dire predictions of total disaster and/or planetary breakups. Please realize that the influences of the alignment have been affecting the Earth for some time, as you have been able to see through the increased flooding and climate anomalies the last few months.

In this month of January and all the time zones around the world, these anomalies will continue as the planet receives these increased frequencies deep within and causes numerous earthquakes around the world, especially along the thousands of large and small faults or planetary cracks that have accrued over the centuries. Depending upon where magma will find cracks through which to move up to the surface, we do see several very large quakes in the making, especially in the Middle East and the islands in Indonesia. Movements will be felt along the Ring of Fire in varying intensities, but the big one long predicted in California will be modulated by the release of pressure in many other nearby faults up and down the coastlines.

The same comment covers the ring of volcanoes on the Northwestern part of the North American Continent; very probably there will be steam rising from a few of them and some ash fall, but at this time at least we do not see a full eruption of any of them. On the other hand, the vents rising from far below Iceland will continue to be activated and eruptions of the larger volcanic vents will occur, in the next few weeks.

Canada is in a very special location on your world “ the underlying foundations of most of this country are very stable, with few volcanic vents or faults. Very cold, heavy storms will, nonetheless, be covering most of the land, especially in the far north. The old, famous, volcanoes in the Mediterranean will be belching fire during the next three months, causing widespread damage and movements of large populations for a short time.

The deep trench along Eastern South America will be promoting high currents in the sea there, and many earth movements. Volcanoes in the high mountains will come to life, but will not cause much damage in the sparsely-populated areas. The Arctic regions will be seen to be melting ice floes faster and the movement in the ice itself will increase erratically for a time. The same will hold true in the Antarctic, which will affect the sea lanes around Cape Horn.

Weather patterns will of course be swinging back and forth. The erratic conditions of December will be accelerated around the world “ storms that come out of nowhere, then out-of-season high temperatures for a time. Africa will experience rainfall far from the ordinary, causing, in some cases, intense flooding in regions normally dry all year. Europe, for the most part, will see the high mountain areas piling snow to a point where clearing roads will be impossible for a time. Late in the month and in February snow melts will cause numerous floods in the lowlands.

How long will all this last? To some extent, most of the year, as the slow movement away from the Milky Way will bring planet Earth back to its normal orbit. Seasons may well be a bit different as that transpires; crop lands will open up where there was no water before; water levels in the ground will differ in many places, causing farmers to vary their crops.

Deserts in all parts of the world will start to change as atmospheric humidity will coax hidden seeds to sprout and give greenery where there was none before. Earth movements will calm down and become extraordinary events again, as will volcanic eruptions become a thing of the past for many centuries to come. The next ten to twenty years will find your younger population experiencing a very different and much calmer world in which to live and prosper.

In the meantime, you are where you are supposed to be, as you determined before you were born, and you are the generation of the great transformation of Planet Earth. The changing frequencies you have been experiencing have put a great burden upon individual consciousness which has, and is, causing tremendous negative confrontations between individuals, populations, and countries.

Downtrodden people all around the world are demanding their rights; governments are in spectacular disagreement, including your own in the U.S. Those who have accumulated vast amounts of money and property are clutching them closely, afraid to lose their power and ease of living. Millions of people are experiencing starvation; those disadvantaged with serious illnesses are being denied the care they need as funds are being withdrawn to balance budgets. And it goes on.

All in all, this is an extremely difficult time in your world, and the determination to make things right is your birthright and your responsibility “ a time to learn wisdom, consideration, kindness, generosity, and remembering to Love One Another, and yourselves.” Your soul brethren are with each of you all of the time, helping as you need and ask for it. Help others as you can, but realize you cannot change what is happening to others or to the world “ it is all in the hands of the Creator and the universal pattern that was set down in times you cannot even conceive of. Be proud of yourselves, that you have chosen to be here now. We are proud of all of you and send our Love and our assistance wherever and whenever we can, when it is asked for. Selah.”


(This first month of a very important year in the history of humankind is, I feel, a time to really work on our inner minds and connection with the infinite. It is the year of developing inner awareness. The teachings for a few months will be about what and how we think, and believe. This first teaching was sent to me very strongly after reading the NG article: )

Masters, the National Geographic Magazine of December, 2011, has an extensive history of the Bible and its many translations. This begs the question, Does the Bible as it now stands reflect the truth of creation and the spiritual directions for humankind in a correct manner?

MASTERS: “Taken at face value, the intent of the Bible has remained as the way human beings should act towards each other and honor themselves as children of God. Those who worked on these translations inserted their own concepts of what should or should not remain in the pages and were vastly different in their ideals. To many different races and religions the Bible became a reference library, and each reacted to the words according to their own situations in life.

The Jamaican sect of Rastafarians accepted what they wished to believe, yet rejected the concept of a higher power, rather worshipping a renowned leader. Through the centuries, the ideals and concepts have been used by different powers to reflect what they wished their people to believe and/or understand. The earliest and most accurate writings of the first people who could write these things on paper were preserved on skins and papyrus, many of which were lost to time, of course.

Those that have survived are revealing truths that have as yet to be released to the public. A translation taken from very old Aramaic documents has corrected the meaning of many words incorrectly translated over the vast reaches of time and helps to bring the text into a more cogent understanding. Written words are the mainstay of humanity, even though human intelligence has come a long way over the centuries and is able to store information in the brain very well.

However, that information still needs to be put into writing for the masses. It is ultimately up to the reader to instill the meaning of the Biblical words as is pertinent to him/her personally.

Read the words, but also listen to your inner wisdom as to whether or not the written words give you the instruction and insights you need as an individual. Remember that humankind has a tremendous sense of ego that does show up in many chapters of the Bible, especially in the Old Testament. The Creator does not exhibit ego in any form, for the unexplainable and all-encompassing power of the Universe does not have a singularity of expression.” (Given 12-2-11)

(The Bible referenced here is the George M. Lamsa’s Translation from the Aramaic of the Peshitta.)



Over and above the conscious thoughts that run through the mind day after day, is constant thought that runs through the entire cosmos! All creative thought by the God Mind and by all sentient beings constantly merge into what some have called the “Book of Life or the Akashic Records. More accurately, it is more like a constant computer program, sending and receiving eternally.

As thoughts are conceived and sent out by the Mind of God to be receive by all of the created species, they are placed into what you call the etheric stream. This could be conceived of as a layer of invisible, but very tangible thought forms. This is where new ideas are sent into the thoughts of those who have the intelligence, the interest, and the ability to open their minds to receive the information.

A scientist will latch onto information that he/she is seeking; a doctor or healer will recognize the importance of an idea regarding a new method of healing,; an inventor finds new ways of creating a new machine or making an old one better. Like draws like. Just so do those who are on the spiritual path find inspiration and answers to their questions in the wee hours of the morning.

During the night in deep slumber, most human beings travel spiritually to other places, are being taught by their teachers, or their minds are busy being confused by a heavy meal or reflecting the thoughts of the day. In the hours just before waking, however, if one is not jolted awake by an alarm clock, messages are given for the individual dreamer to help chart the lifetime and/or needful answers to questions actually asked before retiring or that are judged to be needed by the Guardians for the dreamer.

This is the time when the conscious mind clears itself in response to the spiritual direction to receive incoming messages. These messages are sometimes extremely clear and understandable, but usually couched in symbolic imagery.

Why? The answer given to this channel long ago is that symbolism is the language of the universe that all species may relate the information to their own language and their own cultural experiences. Also, it is given symbolically to encourage the dreamer to do so deep, serious thinking, instead of just ignoring the whole things as some crazy dream.

When the dream is written down and remembered, the different elements begin to make sense. The more they are reason out, the clearer the message becomes.

Information from the etheric stream doesn’t always spring into the mind in dreams; many people today are becoming very aware of that stream of knowledge and are using meditation and channeling to access higher universal knowledge, but there are many ways in which this is accomplished.

People who are engaged in deep searches for information that will help them create new technology, new medicines, explorations of the past, etc., etc., are now realizing that the flashes of images, words and voices bringing them that information is not their imagination. Many can do this intentionally and actually work with the mighty forces of the universe.

Those who have opened their minds to act as messengers for divine universal knowledge come to a point where they blend with the powers they channel, being always in a state where information is available at any moment. The knowledge comes through the mind and the Heart Chakra.

Almost all of you have, at one time or another, had the experience of suddenly hearing loud, explosive words or phrases pop into the mind that you would not yourselves even think of! Driving on a busy freeway, for instance, the thoughts of hundreds of people around you are amplified by the energy of the drivers and by the vehicles. You are surrounded by an extremely thick mixture of thoughts.

It would appear as a thick, murky cloud, if you could see it. Out of this cloud the angry, stressed and frustrated thoughts of tired drivers screech outward and hit the small open places in your minds. A quiet, spiritual person, thinking about the grandchildren, for example, is suddenly assaulted by swear words blasting through her mind she would never even think of! That can be quite disconcerting making the hearer wonder if this is some kind of subconscious, awful thoughts he/she is really thinking?

We won’t discount that, of course, but ordinarily this is a form of telepathy. More and more the physical minds of humanity are starting to receive the thoughts of others. Strong, angry thoughts are powerful energies that penetrate the minds at which they are directed, even if they are not consciously heard or understood. This is how Hitler overwhelmed Germany! Over and over the insanity droned on and the thoughts transferred into the minds of the listeners.

Commercials do the same thing; so do the constant, insistent ideals of political candidates. Be careful. When your thoughts suddenly seem to take a different direction, don’t accept them immediately. Find out where they came from and whether or not you really want them to become part of your personal belief system.

You must begin to be aware that you are a part of a tremendous broadcast system that connects you to the entire world and the universe. Tune your stations carefully!

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