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Greg Giles – Message From The Galactic Federation – 6 January 2012

Life here in the physical world of the 3rd dimension has seen many that have pursued objects of the material, forsaking many ideals and even morals in this blinkered pursuit. As you are preparing yourselves for your homes in the higher realms, many intangible ideas and concepts will move to the forefront of your consciousness. Freedom is one such intangible concept that we now speak of, and it is this concept that has slowly, and at times secretly, and other times quite publicly been stripped away from you, sometimes with your willful consent, other times without. Continue reading


Selacia – Council Of Twelve – Benefit From 2012’s Opportunities – 6 January 2012

The year 2012 will be full of opportunities and options you didn’t have before. After all, you are living during the planet’s most radical paradigm shift to date. This means that changes you and others began seeding long ago are now beginning to take form, one right after the other.

Portions of the birthing process will be messy. Some dreams that you hold dear will stir anger in others holding different views. You will sometimes doubt that you can keep up with the dance of change; other times it will feel like what you want is taking an eternity to materialize. Continue reading

Ute Posegga-Rudel – Message From The Arcturians – The Importance Of Your Communion With Us – 6 January 2012

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Dear One, we are the Arcturians!

We have been waiting for you to be ready to take our communication. Please publish it for others to read. It is important! Important as all our communications are!
We thank you for the dedicated work you are doing by spreading the wonderful messages given to everyone by our galactic friends of  the higher dimensions! Continue reading

Mike Quinsey – SaLuSa – 6 January 2012

Nothing will be able to stand in the way of the changes that are about to commence, as they are essential to bring the end-times into being. It is all change as you step up into the higher vibrations, and quickly move through the Ascension process. The thought that you will never have to return to Earth on the Wheel of Rebirth, must be one that makes all of the effort you have put in well worthwhile. More so as you get a good idea of what it means in reality, by leaving behind the drudgery, harshness and strength sapping energies of the lower dimension. Even now as so many lift up out of it the aggression, antagonism and hatred still wreaks havoc on Earth, but will soon play itself out as the energies of peace settle upon it. One day very soon the futility of confrontation and war, will make way for loving relationships and co-operation amongst all people. Even now the young ones amongst you see the pointless waste of life and energy in the pursuit of conquest, and want an immediate end to it. Peace is coming and this time it will not be temporary, but be permanent and carry you forward to a blissful and ecstatic state. Continue reading

Lucas – A Call To The Still Opposing Dark Cabal: Resistance is Futile – 6 January 2012 (Repost)

In my endeavours in writing on the changes taking place rapidly  I would like to say to the dark cabal, Resistance  is Futile.  The call is not being ironic, just a hint to the Star Trek series. The Borg in the series with their group consciousness did not respect other life only the use of other life to their advantage in growing superiority was priority . Conquer and enslave was their goal. The dark cabal had a similar agenda they wanted to be in power and keep the planet and humans to their exclusive control and minimized to 500.ooo people. Life they don’t respect in realising their goals. Continue reading

Nancy Tate – Wake Up Call – Horus – 6 January 2012

Early one evening several weeks ago, from out of the blue I received information that some of the original Mushaba Tribe of aboriginals from the southern part of Africa were being threatened as they arrived in Egypt to leave to go to the Ukraine to carry out the mission they were on. I was told to let Anakhanda Mushaba and his family know about it right away so that they would then be able to tune in to what they knew to do to ward off the attack. Continue reading