Selacia – Council Of Twelve – Benefit From 2012’s Opportunities – 6 January 2012

The year 2012 will be full of opportunities and options you didn’t have before. After all, you are living during the planet’s most radical paradigm shift to date. This means that changes you and others began seeding long ago are now beginning to take form, one right after the other.

Portions of the birthing process will be messy. Some dreams that you hold dear will stir anger in others holding different views. You will sometimes doubt that you can keep up with the dance of change; other times it will feel like what you want is taking an eternity to materialize.

The following are some tips for moving through this year in the highest possible way, benefiting fully from the opportunities.

Five Tips to Make the Most of 2012′s Opportunities

Timing – If ever there was a year to get in sync with divine timing, this is it. Don’t doubt your ability to connect with divine timing. After all, this is a natural ability anyone can learn to master. Besides, your being alive now is proof that you as a soul timed things just right! To benefit most from this auspicious year, invite your higher wisdom to guide the timing of your actions and to highlight things needing quick action. Example: you learn about a social gathering and feel tired the evening you are to attend. Your intuition nudges you to go anyway, and in doing so, you meet someone visiting from out of town. This person, who you likely would not have met otherwise, becomes a great friend and business associate. New doors open to you as a result, all because you paid attention to your inner voice and the timing of what to do when.

Changes – Learn to make friends with change. You become disempowered when you fear change, passively resist change, or actively fight change. These responses to change will delay your progress, preventing you from fully shining your light. Accept that change is going to be all around you, impacting you and everyone you love. In recent years you have had a taste of what this means in practice. Now, in 2012 with the massive upheaval taking place, you will want to be in your power as you move through changes. The power referred to here is divine power, not ego-based power – it is the power you access when you connect with your divine self and your heart. As you express your divine power in the midst of revolutionary changes, you set a positive example for others and you help to spark needed transformation in the world.

Question What You Hear – It will take vigilance on your part to avoid being sucked into the whirlwind of others’ ideas about what’s going on during this pivotal year. Indeed, there will be a plethora of ideas about what’s really happening, who is to blame, and why you should worry. Stay awake as you hear predictions, commentaries about the state of the world, and opinions of friends. Invite your inner wisdom to show you the truth, and to help you remember to question what you hear. You cannot afford to be on automatic pilot now. Question regularly. Question your own questions, too. Go as deeply as you need to in order to discern your own truth.

Monitor Your Thoughts – Put things into perspective – not everything is a big deal. You live at a time when the playing out of opposites is amplified. It will be common to see people vacillating between placing obsessive attention on what’s wrong and fantasizing about the future. If you discover that you are doing this, bring your attention back to the present and a spiritually grounded focus. Don’t let fears and doubts influence your next actions. Remember this: on the other side of hopelessness there is hope; on the other side of distrust is trust. Invite spirit to connect you with trust in your ability to cope with the unknowables of 2012. Decide today that you will be hopeful about this year. After all, it is your year to shine!

Remember Why You Came – You are alive now to help create a more loving world. Remember this when you encounter hate and prejudice. These responses come from lack of awareness and a fear-based consciousness. Humanity has been so asleep for so long, and so steeped in fear, that the shift into love is taking time. You are here, as a divine changemaker, to be at the helm of this shift. You are at the forefront now, helping others to see a more loving way to be. During 2012 there is a mega revolution taking place across the planet. It is unique to these times because humanity is becoming awake to its own transformation process and awake to the need to change. Your role is to harness the positive potentials of this revolution so you can help in creating a world filled with love. You do it, not just because you are encoded to do it, but with daily actions.

As you continue the journey of discovering our divine nature, we surround you with our love and blessings. We are The Council of 12

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