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Greg Giles – Message From The Galactic Federation – 7 January 2012

Understanding better the process which you are now going through requires one to set aside notions of extraterrestrials, agents of the dark cabal, instances of seismic activity, and focus on what it’s really all about, which is love. Love is the key. It is love that you have found a way to safeguard in your hearts and soul and it is through love that all things, either mundane or miraculous, are possible. Your ascension into the higher realms is all about the amount of love your race, the human race, has been able to build and has been able to maintain. Everything else involved is a branch of the mighty tree which is love. Continue reading

UFO Report – Japan 4th January 2012 – 7 January 2012

Uploaded by UfoHunter5874  on 4th January 2012 on YouTube.

Gloria Wendroff – The Heaven Letters – Love Is Like A Kiss From God – 7 January 2012

God said:

It is true. Everything unto its season. And, yet, love is always in season. Love is never out of season. Love in your heart is already given, you understand. Love has its own rules, and one is that it gives of itself without effort. Love is there in your heart. If you haven’t squished the love in your heart, it is ready to go. The more you let love issue from your heart, the more your heart gets a refill.

If you feel that love is absent from your heart, you are mistaken. Love arbitrated, discussed, argued, love squashed, that is another story. Love held back waiting for a better opportunity, that may well be the case. Yet love is not meant to be an opportunist. Continue reading

Jamye Price – Weekly Lightblast – Quality Of Live – 7 January 2012

2012.  Can you believe we’re really here?!  What is it truly all about?  Ultimately, that is for you to decide.  You determine your reality with your focus.  You determine your health; physical, mental, etc., with your choices.  Yet as a Lightworker, you are blazing a new path of creativity.  You are, by soul agreement, experiencing health shifts because of your frequency elevating to a purer level of vibration, one that is more Love based rather than fear and survival based.  Your choice is how you will focus on these and act from inspiration and understanding of progress rather than the fear of destruction.  This takes careful attention, wise choices and balancing food options, exercise, health care alternatives and emotional/mental focus.  Your Light shines as a beacon of walking your talk; living proof of what is possible in a Love based lifestyle.  Continue reading

Gloria Wendroff – The Heaven Letters – Opening the Front Door – 6 January 2012

God said:

You are certain that no one, and certainly not you, would ever want to suffer. And yet there is something you get from suffering that seems to compensate for all your suffering. Have you ever felt: “Look at me. Look at how much I suffer. Look at me. Look at all this unfairness. Look at what happened to me. Look at what the world has done to me. Look at what God has allowed.”

And so there is a ragged remnant of transmuted joy that you get out of suffering. It makes you a stand-out. Look, all the troubles of the world fell on you. That makes you noteworthy. Continue reading

Jafree Ozwald – Enlightened Beings – How To Receive Everything You Want In 2012 – 7 January 2012

First figure out what you want.  Second, you have to decide that you deserve it. Third, you have to believe you can get it.  And, fourth, you have to have the guts to ask for it.”  ~ Barbara De Angelis

Get ready, you are entering the most exciting year of your life!  There is nothing that is going to compare to the levels of love, spiritual evolution and conscious inner growth that will be available to you this next year.  Yes, 2012 is here and the essential key to getting the most out of this awesome enlightening adventure will be in how conscious you truly are.  The more unguarded, sensitive, truly present, and receptive you can be, the easier it will be to receive whatever your heart desires  Make it your goal to allow your heart and mind to become fully unguarded this year.  Be willing to let people in, allowing love to pour into you, through you, so that you can take your soul far beyond the ordinary experiences you’ve had before. Continue reading

James Tyberonn – Archangel Metatron – The 2012 Express – A Train Is Coming – The Requisite Shift To Crysto – Electric Field – 7 January 2012

Greetings Masters! Indeed! We greet you in joy and encircle each of you in a field
of Unconditional Love.

2012 is not an end, rather it is the true Beginning. Accordingly 2012 is the expansion`of dimensional access on the New Earth.

People Get Ready

The Ascension has movement, it is a train of change, and it is coming. You do not
need a ticket, only faith &  preparation.  Energies of the Earth are shifting more
quickly now. The velocity of light has increased. In response, the flash & sequencing of linear- time is moving faster now, in the quickening of the 2012 Ascension. The magnetic grid is being reduced as  the Crystalline Grid becomes dominant. Gravity fields have transitioned and will continue this metastasis. The arc swing of duality  is lessened, and the movement into greater dimension, crystalline frequency, is now tangible. It effects you, influences your Beingness in a powerful manner in the shift. Continue reading