Gloria Wendroff – The Heaven Letters – Love Is Like A Kiss From God – 7 January 2012

God said:

It is true. Everything unto its season. And, yet, love is always in season. Love is never out of season. Love in your heart is already given, you understand. Love has its own rules, and one is that it gives of itself without effort. Love is there in your heart. If you haven’t squished the love in your heart, it is ready to go. The more you let love issue from your heart, the more your heart gets a refill.

If you feel that love is absent from your heart, you are mistaken. Love arbitrated, discussed, argued, love squashed, that is another story. Love held back waiting for a better opportunity, that may well be the case. Yet love is not meant to be an opportunist.

Love has one purpose, and that is to give of itself. Even in the dark hallways of life, love is to give itself. I’ve said before that love is like the sun. It comes out for all, and all are under the sun. Love is not meant to be sequestered. It is not meant to be chosen. Love is simply meant to be, and love is, My dear children, the heart of you.

Love is not meant to come in and out. And yet the mind may have been slapping love with a ruler and telling it to stay hidden. Worst of all, the mind may keep your love hidden from yourself.

When you give love away, when love bursts from you like a song, like a waterfall, like a kiss from God, you are happy. If there is a condition for happiness, that is the condition: Give love out. Love, and your love needs no specified object. Love is not dependent upon objects. Love does not wait for an object to appear. Love comes first. Love is brilliant and shines out first. Love is the first to greet.

Love is not a drink you take. It is a drink you give. Yours is not the only heart thirsty for love, yet yours is the heart to give love first. You are not meant to be a reactor to love. You are meant to be the activator of it, the sign of it, the ambassador of it.

It is said that love makes the world go round. Love goes around. Love travels and always returns home. It has been said that love is where the heart is. Where is your heart, beloveds? What makes your heart tick?

The only answer to everything is love. Whatever you perceive as a difficulty, the cure is love. There is only one cure to the troubles of the world, and that is love. Not sanctimonious love, but love, pure and simple love that issues in a stream from the oasis of your heart.

Would anyone ever vote against love? Of course not, and yet you have. Presumably, you have. Time and time again, you have voted for varying opposites of love. You may have voted for holding love tightly to you when love is meant to go out and expand and pulse throughout the Universe. Love is the pocket you dip into. Love is your very Being. You are steeped in love. The love in your heart just needs your go-ahead. Divine love is in your heart and is never to be locked up. Absolutely not.

Love is meant to be free to travel the world. Love will always come back to you. Actually, love never leaves. Love in your heart sort of leads two lives, one in, one out. Your heart has two streams. Love fulsomely, beloveds. Love. Just love. That is My bidding. That is My Will.

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