Gloria Wendroff – The Heaven Letters – Dream And Claim – 8 January 2012

God said:

On God, you can depend. You may not think so, for you have had the experience of being let down. Life may not have given you all that you desire. It may, on more than one occasion, have given you the opposite of what you desire. Yet, I have to tell you, that is upon Me that you can depend.

You may have noticed that people have let you down. You may have noticed that in the midst of applause, people have let you down. No matter how good their intentions and no matter how deep their love for you, you have felt that they have let you down more than once.

You may tell yourself that you expect too much from others, and that may well be true. At the same time, I want to tell you that you cannot expect too much from Me. I say that with a proviso, however. How to say this. You can expect everything from Me and yet not be attached to your expectation. I could say that you are not to stamp your foot and demand of Me, yet, at the same time I say that there is not too much that you can ask of Me or even demand of Me. So I am saying that you can demand the stars from Me, and yet you do not command Me. Yet even as I say that, you can command, for I am at your command in that I gladly receive your orders.

When your orders, or more politely said, your requests, are not fulfilled, there is no benefit in your finding Me at fault. Our engagement is very simple, and yet it is not as simple as a snap of your fingers.

And so I say that you can request all that you like. You can even order it, command it, and not receive whatever it is and not have your feathers ruffled. There is nothing to be proved. My love for you is not approved when you get what you want, nor is My love for you disproved when you do not get what you want. It is not for you to disapprove of Me because all your desires are not met or to approve of Me when they are met.

I am asking you to call on Me always. True, God helps those who help themselves, yet that is not the whole story. Nothing is the whole story. You have to agree with that, yes? In the relative world, there is always more to the story. There are so many layers of the story, so many ends not tied, and so many ends tied, and so many broken threads sewn and resewn.

I want to say that you never know when your desires will be fulfilled or in what manner. You don’t know when, and you don’t know how.

Too often, when your desires are fulfilled, the sense of fulfillment is not lasting. Oh, how you love your new refrigerator, and, soon enough, the new refrigerator becomes just a box for keeping foods cold and preserving them. Oh, how you love your new friend, until he isn’t new anymore and comes down to just being a friend. Oh, how you love your new wife until she isn’t new any longer. Dreams do come true, and yet there are still more dreams to be dreamed and dreams to be served and dreams perhaps not yet to be served.

You dream of happiness, and yet have not claimed it, beloveds. Dream and claim. Dream and claim.

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