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Ben Fulford – Some Documents Of The Committee Of 300 World Bank Group USA – 9 January 2012

The attached documents were sent by a source linked to Ferdinand Marcos and have been confirmed as genuine secret government documents. Continue reading


Ben Fulford – BREAKING NEWS – The Feds Have Sued For Peace And Detailed Settlement Negotiations Have Begun – 9 January 2012

Lucas: “This news of Ben Fulford is wonderful. It seems all factions are round  the table now to talk an agreement for a new financial system. Ben Fulford apologizes for him calling the Conscious Media Network announcement Psy-Ops. This is also great then that means things are coming together now and a solution for the better of all man kind and Earth can be brought to light.”

Her is the news of Ben Fulford: Continue reading

Ute Posegga-Rudel – Message From My God-Self – 9 January 2012

(picture on the left (c) by Ute Posegga-Rudel 2012)

Dear One,

this is the time of Silence, the preciousness of the Golden Silence in which only Love exists, or say: Love Is Silence, the Stillness which unfolds like pink rose petals with a fragrance and tenderness that is not of this world. Continue reading

UFO Report- UFO Over Poland 6th January 2012 – 9 January 2012

Uploaded 8th January 2012 by GlobalUFOs on YouTube.

In the video a UFO is hovering a long time and them shoots away fast.

Mike Quinsey – SaLuSa – 9 January 2012

The energies around the world continue to build up, and are carried by the grid that is lifting up the Earth. All is preparing for the final thrust of energy, that will propel it into the new level of expression and out of duality. It will also fulfill the promises of a new Age that will be unlike anything you have experienced previously. and truly bring about a heaven upon Earth. Only those of you who have lifted your vibrations sufficiently, will be able to join those energies. Thereby lies the outworking of a truth, that only those of the Light can exist in the new dimension. The choice has always been yours, but with it comes the responsibility to carve out your own pathway to Ascension. You can have all of the help and encouragement in the world, but only you can take the necessary steps that will bring it about for you. Continue reading