UFO Report – San Antonio – Texas – USA – 10 January 2012

uploaded by SAUFOTEX 8th Jan. 2012 on YouTube

Statement: January-07-2012 was an Extraordinary Day…Multiple Sightings of high altitude Glowing ORBs..Were caught on videotape over San Antonio,Texas.


2 responses to “UFO Report – San Antonio – Texas – USA – 10 January 2012

  1. That is fantastic. Do you know what? These could be the same as the UFOs over New York October 13, 2010, where among others three white orbs tumbled around close together above New York and ended up being stretched out in a long triangle formation. Well see for your self below:

    UFO Sighting New York October 13, 2010 (new video analysis):

  2. i want to telll about what my husband, a friend and my neighbors saw on dec 31st around 10pm. we were out side doing fireworks when our friend said what the f is that. It was a bright golwing object about a mile mile half moving over our house. I came from the south moving southeast and a fairly steady pace. The light source was very very white and had a oval to a guitar shape to it. As it went over my husband commented about the red glowing lights in the middle. as it got further away it appeared to make a slight u turn and then it went straigth up in the sky and disappeared with in seconds. this object was about the half the size of the moon and it never made a sound. I first thought it was a firework or something but when it passed over it was very clear that it wasnt anything I had ever seen before. we tired to take a picture of it wiht our phones but had no luck capturing it. I am convinced we saw a ufo