Wes Annac – Trip to Earth, Part II – The Meeting (A Short Story) – 10 January 2012

This situation I found myself in required innate mental and emotional training and discipline. If I did not wish to give my position away, I had to maintain pure clarity of mind. I could not even let myself think or feel in any way that I was where I was, lest I wish for those who were also where I was to notice me. I could not be spotted, I could not be known about. With all of my training, with all of my mental discipline, with every fiber of my being I focused on being in my quarters, in my room, meditating or painting. I had to completely convince myself, therefore convincing others, that I was in my quarters, doing anything other than spying on the meeting my parents were having with the rest of the Sirian High Council about various situations unfolding on the planet Earth.

I know it sounds silly, putting such effort into a simple spy-game on my parents, but this was not a simple spy game to me. My Elder whom is my spiritual guide had recently taken me, after many requests, to the higher astral levels of Earth. I had heard about Earth and the crazy situation unfolding there with the closing of Her final ascension cycle while service-to-self entities in power wish to see all on Her surface either killed or enslaved. I had repeatedly requested that either Elder or my parents show me the realms of this planet where so much chaos and excitement was taking place, and my parents had decided that Elder could be the one to show me Earth, as first-hand as I could take it.

I felt the densities of Earth, I felt the heaviness and the gut-wrenching lower vibrations prevalent on even considerably higher earthly astral planes, and the experience of feeling that is one which I was still soaking in. I could still feel a slight imprint in my spirit complex where the lower energies had begun to invade me, before Elder whisked me back home to this very Mothership I was now sneaking around on. That experience had begun to change me. The more I was able to contemplate and truly think about the situation on Earth, the more I realized the importance of helping the dear souls entrapped on that world, trying so hard and Loving their way out of the lower vibrations. I knew that every High Council of race associated with the Galactic Federation have been holding meeting after meeting about various different scenarios and situations unfolding on the Earth plane, and I was becoming increasingly aware that they needed as many of us helping Earth as could be available.

This is why I had begun to pledge myself in service to Earth. I felt that some may call this a foolish dream, as I was so young and acting on recently-acquired convictions. That is why I did not yet wish to reveal my want to help with Earth to those around me. I exist with the most Loving and supporting of a community as that is how Life works here in the higher realms, but part of me felt that others may think me foolhardy for wanting to give myself completely to the movement of Light unfolding on Earth. Soon they would know. Soon they would realize just how much that fragile world had begun to mean to me, and just how much I wished to help. Though I was young, I was ready and willing to give of myself all that was needed to help planet Earth. My first missions however, were personal missions. I first wanted to listen-in on one of the Sirian High Council’s meetings on the Earth situation, as I knew that if they knew I was in there, they would more than likely not discuss many things that they felt us younger Sirians on the ship were not yet ready to hear. As everybody in the giant room I was spying in on sat down, they begahttp://www.google.com/search?client=ubuntu&channel=fs&q=Bird+race+%28Carians%29+to+Jelaila+Star%E2%80%99s+site&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8n to convene.

“Let us all rise for the Council of Angels” an unfamiliar voice said to the souls in the room. Every soul, including my parents, stood up and radiated their Love to the Council of Angels, who sat down as they answered the Love around them by sending it back to each and every soul giving it, tenfold. Beautiful colored rays of orange, yellow, red, violet, and any other light color as well as colors that cannot be explained through the typical English language in which I am binded to for the telling of this story, swirled around the room as this Love was given to the Council of Angels and returned by the Council of Angels. Among this Council was of course my own spiritual guide whom I lovingly refer to as Elder. After this special ritualistic giving and receiving of Love, everybody including the Council of Angels sat down as they began their meeting.

The Angel sitting farthest to the left spoke first. “There are a few situations manifesting on Gaia’s surface, that are connected to and aiding some of the major ailments which are keeping parts of dear Gaia’s surface and atmosphere in poor health. The events unfolding that are connected to some of the most unhealthy and cancerous doings on and to Gaia, will be our main topics of discussion for this assembly.” I began to wonder why they did not wish to share these meetings with us younger ones. The matters discussed did not yet seem so bad. “Now”, the same Angel continued, “before we get started discussing these matters, would the young soul Adtoniyous (ad-toh-ni-us) please step forward before us, from his clever hiding space?”

Adtoniyous? That was my name! My heart sunk to my chest as my presence at this meeting was exposed before I even had the chance to learn anything interesting or worthwhile about the situation on Earth. Mission failed, now it was time to go face the music.

Luckily, even when facing the entire Sirian High Council and Council of Angels over something like this, ‘facing the music’ is exactly what happened. As I entered the large room with my proverbial ‘tail between my legs’ the entire Council of Angels said in unison, “Let us all give our Loving energies of Peace, Harmony and Joy to dearest Adtoniyous”. The Lights and rays of energy that were swirling around when the Council arrived began to come through every soul in the room, and it all came to me in a graceful wave of Lighted, colorful and musical energy that faded through my spirit complex and uplifted my mood, spirits and energies. My perception went from defeated and bummed, to uplifted and accepted. By the time I reached the front of the room where I faced the Council of Angels, I was nearly floating on a wave of whimsical Love.

The Angels all smiled at me as I faced them with my own dopey smile. Elder stood up from his position on the right side of the room and greeted me with his warm eyes. “Why, hello there Adtoniyous! What could one ever imagine you are doing here, attempting to hide your presence in a space filled with many advanced and energy-sensitive beings who can sense the energy of anyone and everyone around?”

Though I was still floating on cloud 9, my embarrassment came back to me with Elder asking me this question. “My dearest apologies Elder, I had hoped that if I focused all of my energies on the visual of me being back in my quarters, you all would just think I was there instead of spying on you while you have this meeting. I actually thought I was doing pretty well”.

Elder’s eyes warmed up even more as he smiled wider. “You are forever forgiven dear one! You say you wished to create the ‘visual’ of you existing back in your quarters, but did you have in mind the fact that we sense much, much more than visually created images?”

“I guess I should have, dear Elder.”

“And did you also have in mind the fact that every soul here, including in some cases yourself, can sense the energies of when somebody, anybody is around immediately? Even if you had us convinced of the imagery of you being back in your room dear Adtoniyous, we can still feel you and any other soul existing in this sacred space, especially when the Love-giving rituals are performed.”

“I guess I should have thought of that as well, dear Elder” I began. “It is just that, since our trip to the higher astral realms of Earth together, it has left a bit of interest-residue on me. I wish to help Elder! I wish to help with the Earth situation, and though I am young I feel that I can be of great service to this High Council on Earthly matters!” I did not know why all of this was suddenly flowing out of me, but it was and I was going with it. “I apologize for not displaying honesty from the beginning, but I have begun to feel such a longing, such a wish and desire to help those souls on Earth who are so trapped in their own densities, the densities that I had a chance to feel and that I never wish to feel again. I want to help them get away from that! I want so very dearly to help the souls of Earth and to help Earth alike get away from those lower vibrations, as I feel I can say from experience that they are no fun!”

When I finished this outburst of admittance, the room fell silent for a brief moment. At once, the entire Council of Angels burst out into laughter, happy and light-hearted laughter that helped to calm my overdriven spirits. The Angel who first spoke stood with Elder as the laughing ceased. They began to say in unison, “we thank you for your honesty, dear Adtoniyous. We have known for some time of your wish to help with Earth, as we can feel the energies and wishes alike of every dear soul on this ship, as we are connected with each and every soul maintaining a presence on this ship. Since your sanctioned visit to the realms of Earth, we have felt your growing wish to be of service, to that planet and the souls upon it alike. What you have said to us, we have felt. We welcome you and your want to help dear Adtoniyous, but since we can feel even deeper parts of yourself than you tend to recognize, we must ask you, are you really ready to take on such a challenge?”

This time, the first Angel spoke alone. “This situation is more difficult than you realize at your surface, dear one. Why do you think we have not wished to share some of the most detailed information about goings-on on Earth to you who are younger, the very information you have spied on this meeting to obtain? Once one begins to immerse themself in the helping of Earth, they are in this mission for the long haul. There is no going back, dear one, once you start working with the ascension of Earth and the purging of darkness from Her surface and lower astral realms. Those most intimately working with Earth who are not directly incarnate on Her surface, deal with much density, many of those heavy feelings that you wish never to feel again, on a moment to moment basis. Of course, the souls actually incarnate on Earth experience much more difficulty, but you understand what I mean dear Adtoniyous.”

“I thank you dear Angel”, I began, “for giving me a new perspective on this issue. I do understand that it will be difficult and that I may have to experience some of the very heavy feelings that I wish never to experience again, I understand this dear Angel. However, these feelings swelling up inside of me that I know you can feel too, are beckoning me to help this world, Earth, as well as the souls upon Her surface. My convictions, my wants, and how I truly feel at the very core of my being about wanting to help Earth, far outweigh any worries of experiencing difficulty whilst doing so. I make my pleas now, before this Heavenly Council of Angels and before this entire High Council, for you to let me help with Earth, and for you to let me know more about what is going on there as I cannot help Earth if I am kept in a state of unknowing. What do you say?”

My Father stood up from his position in the seated crowd behind me and began to speak before the any of the Council members had a chance to. “Dear Adtoniyous, I can feel your conviction and your determination, and these are traits you have been graced with since your incarnation into the body you currently inhabit. Your Mother and I have always felt and known of your determination to be of service in a manner and matter such as grand as Earth, but we still feel that you are not quite ready for the inexplicably challenging situation on Earth. We know you are ready to take on larger matters and bigger responsibilities, but this is taking an unnecessarily big leap forward, Adtoniyous!”

“Remember, dearest Adceassae (ad-sey-sey)”, Elder began to my Father, “that you once showed the same willingness to take on monumentally huge challenges as Adtoniyous now is. Do you not remember the enormous benefits toward your own long-term advancement, that taking place in the series of meetings leading to the Treaty of Anchara granted you?”

“Dear Elder, while I respect your opinion I think we can both agree that this is a very different situation”, my Mother stood up and began.

“Is it, dear Toniowious (tah-ni-oh-ee-us)?” Elder said back before Mother could continue. “Was the very discussion taking place between the Galactic Federation and the Annunaki not about the freeing of Earth? Surely you must remember, Adceassae, the enormous benefit that taking place in such revolutionary events brought for your advancement?”

“I must agree”, another soul within the crowd stood up. “Adceassae, you see only what you perceive to be the foolhardy nature that dear Adtoniyous seems to display, but there is more to be seen, more to be noticed. What you may not realize, is that there is something past his simple wish to be of service and take on a challenge that he perceives to be as such a test for himself. He is expressing more than the simple desire to be of service by performing a tough challenge. He feels a very deep and ingrained Love for the planet Earth and every citizen upon Her. After his experience inhabiting Her realms for even that brief period, he has gained a whole new understanding of the help needed for Earth, and he knows that if there is one more soul assigned to the Earth challenge, it will aid in Her ascension in monumental proportions. Try, dear Adceassae, to see past what you perceive to be Adtoniyous’ surface wants. Try to see the Love and the Caring behind what he wishes to do.”

I was blown away by this unfamiliar soul making these statements, as he seemed to convey perfectly what I had been trying to say, and he said it better than I ever could! Who was this soul, who seemed to know more about me wishing to help Earth than I did?

“Perhaps you are right, dear SaLuSa*”, my Mother began, “Perhaps the conviction behind Adtoniyous’ wish to help, is not brought about by foolhardiness. I think I can also speak for Adceassae when I say that while Adtoniyous does feel a clearly established, deep Love for Earth that is driving him to wish to help, he does not know fully of the situation on Earth. He does not know of the difficulties, of the dark past this planet has displayed since the fall of Atlantis.”

Things were still for a moment, until my Father spoke. “At a certain point, even the beautiful birds of our worlds know when to let their chicks fly. Perhaps, maybe it really is time to let you fly Adtoniyous, with all that entails. You must know that if you were invited to begin working full-time for the situation on Earth, it will be no picnic in the sun. This will be the most challenging matter you have ever dealt with. We need to know that there will be a full commitment from you to the ascension of Earth, as once you are a part of this you will be assigned with very important missions and positions. We rely heavily on each and every soul involved in the ascension of Earth, and as such we will be relying heavily on you. Before you truly make your decision, ask yourself if you are ready to take on such a monumental responsibility. Ask yourself dear Adtoniyous, if you are truly ready to put all of yourself, all of your energy fully into the ascension of Earth. Do you think you can handle this, son?”

My heart lit up with Joy. “Oh, dear Father, I have only waited for you to ask! Yes, I do wish to involve myself fully with Earthly matters, and I will do anything and everything needed of me, short of actually incarnating there.”

“Believe us”, my Mother replied, “we would not ask you to do that”.

“Indeed”, the soul who I’d come to know as SaLuSa began. “Those souls who are making the strong and brave conviction to put themselves on the surface of Earth and confront the dense and deeply ingrained energies of that planets history and prevalent established culture, those souls whom are doing so are acting on their own convictions, just as you now are Adtoniyous with your wish to assist us in assisting Earth. Who knows, perhaps at some point your conviction will grow stronger as well, and you will choose an incarnation on Gaia”.

“Let’s not get ahead of ourselves, dear SaLuSa”, my Father said with a wide smile. “I am still hoping that Adtoniyous realizes the monumentality of the decision he is making. I stand proud of him for his deep Love for Earth, but I hope he does not end up unhappy as a result of his decision. Try to remember, Adtoniyous, how big this decision is that you are making. Truly ponder it dear son, and you have my blessing to join this Council in its discussions about Earth.”

This time, it was not just my heart that lit up. My entire body filled up with Love and excitement as I jumped for Joy. In a short stretch of the infinite moment of now, I went from spying on the Sirian High Council, to practically joining them! With a huge smile on my face, I joined my parents in their section of the meeting.

Elder stood up and began speaking first. “Now that we have gotten all of that excitement out of the way, there are very important matters in need of discussion related to Earth.”

As Elder was speaking, my Father whispered to me, “I wish you to know Adtoniyous, that you may hear things which surprise you. I know you are aware of the elite ruling class controlling the masses on Earth, but you have not been quite filled in on the more intense details, on purpose. There is no use lowering the vibration of our young with sometimes gut-wrenching news about Earth, but now that you are here with us you will not be spared the details.”

That was exactly what I wanted to hear, though when my Father said it, a deep feeling arose within me, a feeling that is difficult to describe with words. Almost like a fear of not knowing what’s coming next, and not knowing if I really can handle it. I have always been strong, I just hoped I would be able to take the news I had just convinced them all that I could take. These thoughts and feelings raced through me as Elder continued.

“As you all know, the former puppets of the Annunaki have used tactic after tactic to keep Gaia’s atmosphere in a near constant state of poison, through not only the dangerous chemicals released to Her skies from oil refineries and the like, but also through the spraying of harmful chemicals directly into Gaia’s atmosphere, in plain sight. As you know, the collective consciousness of Earth must be aware enough to care about pollution of Gaia and related matters, before the energy is pure enough to match the resonance of our help.”

“However”, the Angel sitting farthest to the right began, “we have now received direct permission from Gaia’s High Council as well as our Heavenly Creator to intervene more directly in the affairs of Earth. We are in no way violating their freewill, we are simply to use the energy manifested through the Violet Flame invocations of the awakened souls on Earth, to help spread health and Light through Gaia’s surface, atmosphere and Light Grid. One of the ways we are now allowed to help in such matters, is to neutralize the harmful substances being sprayed into Gaia’s atmosphere by airplanes piloted by souls who either do not know the harmful power of what they are spraying, or who do know of the dangers but accept the job anyway because of the money involved that they stand to make from what they have convinced themselves is ‘simply flying a plane’.”

“Now that we have been granted this permission”, Elder picked up, “What are some suggestions as to how we will bring this about?” The entire room broke out into tiny, individual discussions between groups of souls who were present at the meeting. My own parents began speaking to our little circle of minds,

“What do you guys think”, my Father asked the group of about four of us.

“Perhaps we should pour our own manifested Love through Gaia’s atmosphere and Light Grid” my Mother said. “That way, the chemtrail-defying help we will be giving them, will be as pure as it can be.

“I don’t know”, my Father replied. “Many souls on Gaia’s surface are now manifesting their own pure Source energy”. The discussions went on and on and I offered little advice of my own; I simply listened to the theories of others and gathered them up in my mind. After a while the room feel silent once again as the Angels began to speak in unison.

“What have our various discussion groups come up with?”

Somebody in the group farthest to the left stood up and began to speak. “We think that we should send Gaia our own manifested pure Love, from directly outside Her atmosphere. This way, we do not have to worry ourselves with defensive tactics if any of their militaries try to fire upon us”.

The group the farthest to the right began to speak as well. “We think that we should fly directly into Gaia’s atmosphere, and manifest our own pure Source energy as well, simply in a more direct and effective way. This way, we are sure that the Source energy being sent through is resolving the chemtrails and transmuting their pollutants, as well as cleansing Gaia’s atmosphere in very direct ways.”

Finally, my Mother spoke for our group. “We support the ladder group’s idea, only slightly. We believe that we should bypass simply floating in Gaia’s atmosphere, and go down into Her sky, cloaked of course, and manifest our Source energy to be sent to heal the chemtrails. It was spoken that the stationing of one of our ships in Gaia’s outer atmosphere would result in a much more direct effect, and we say that the closer to Her surface and the collective consciousness upon Her surface who are manifesting the spraying of the chemtrails through their own lower actions; the closer we can get to them with our healing energy, the more direct of an effect we will ultimately have.”

The room fell silent as everyone considered what my mom had just said. After a moment, Elder began to speak. “Your group makes a fair argument, Toniowious. However, if we wish to send a ship to float in Gaia’s sky cloaked, we would need to be doing much more than simply healing the chemtrails and other pollutants. We can do those jobs from outside of Earth’s skies. Does your group or any other have any other tasks to present while a ship hypothetically floats in Gaia’s sky?”

The chatter began again amongst the groups, and as I looked around I noticed the face of SaLuSa. He was looking at me with a very sure look on his face, a very positive and supporting energy about him. As I looked at him, I received in an instant, a revelation as to what can be done about this matter being discussed. I asked myself if I should present my theory, and SaLuSa nodded to me with a grin on his face. I immediately stood up.

“Elder”, I said with a loud tone as to get the attention of the chattering room. “I have a theory to present, as to how we can neutralize the pollutants in Gaia’s atmosphere as well as perform other duties while cloaked in Her skies.”

“Do enlighten us, dear Adtoniyous!” Elder replied.

“My mother mentioned that we could pour our own manifested energies into Gaia’s atmosphere while floating in Her skies, and that is a theory that I noticed every group agree on. However, my Father mentioned that many souls incarnate on Earth are now bringing through their own pure Source energy, through their chakras with the support of the established energy gates in Gaia’s atmosphere.”

“That is true Adtoniyous”, Elder said. “I think I see where you are going with this. Do continue.”

“Why do we not regulate the pure Energy being manifested through the souls incarnate on Gaia, rather than Creating our own energy? I mean, it is their world, their lessons to learn and energy to manifest, right? Why must we not let them set their own energetic path so to speak, with our help and direction?” Once I started, I could not stop. “Also, are there not souls here in this very meeting who are channeling guidance to souls incarnate on Earth? Why do we not have them come with us, to use our Communication Pods which are standard on every star ship, to communicate with souls on Earth as they usually do?” I knew that the soul referred to as SaLuSa was giving guidance to numerous souls on Earth, and part of me wanted to see him on this mission, as well as myself if they chose me. I was very eager to be on Earth again at that point.

The entire Council of Angels spoke to me in unison. “Dear Adtoniyous, you have impressed us in this, your very first discussion with the High Council and us about Earth! We will now convene amongst ourselves upon what we have been presented with, and we will hold another discussion very soon with a collective decision from not just us, but all of you as well. We thank each and every dear soul who is with us in this everlasting moment of NOW. Dramu Kasi!”

As everybody began to leave, I joined my parents in walking out. “I am going to go to my quarters and meditate upon this experience, father. I thank you for allowing me this wonderful opportunity.”

“Have a wonderful and Joy-filled meditation, Adtoniyous” my father replied as him and my mother went off in a different direction.

After much meditation and contemplation, I felt a presence nearing my quarters. Sure enough, I soon heard the voice of Elder. “Adtoniyous, I come to you bearing wonderful news!”

I allowed myself to come out of my deep meditation. “Do come in, Elder.”

Elder entered my room and greeted me with a smile. “The Council has made a decision Adtoniyous. We would like to employ your idea to float in Earth’s sky, and cleanse the chemtrails while communicating with souls incarnate on Her surface.”

“What about my idea of using the manifested Logos of the souls incarnate”, I replied.

“Indeed, we wish to do that as well!”

“Well that is wonderful Elder!” I said, swelling with pride. “I knew I was meant to be doing this, was meant to be helping with Earth. My first meeting, and you are using my idea!”

“That is not all, Adtoniyous”, Elder said with a barely-contained excitement. “The Council of Angels would like you to accompany your parents along with a few other souls, to Earth to perform this mission. You will be going back to Earth!”

To be Continued.

*I have never had a channeled being actually read lines so to speak, and act out a part for me. Though I maintain a personal contact with SaLuSa as just as with Laura Tyco, he is one of my guides, I have no desire to channel him for information as there are already plenty of souls taking care of that. However, I wanted to put him in this story of mine, and I was surprised to realize that I could actually channel him, and have him play himself in this story! Acting, storytelling and other forms of art are just a few ways that higher dimensional beings entertain themselves, and both SaLuSa and I quite enjoyed the bringing out of this story, as well as his own role in it. Expect him to guest-star in part 3!

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