Gloria Wendroff – The Heaven Letters – Life Is Like A Shepherd – 11 January 2012

God said:

You are being stretched. There is no doubt about that. Life is stretching. By hook or by crook, life is going to make you flexible. It is also going to make you solid and strong. Right now you are learning to bend to life and not fight it so adamantly. Resisting is fighting, and when you resist life, you try to push it back. That is like trying to stem the tide, beloveds.

Certainly, you can take action. For instance, if you see a child, or anyone, about to be hit by a car, pull him out of danger. If there is a situation you don’t how to change, concerning your employer or your student or your neighbor, you can change how you look at it, and, in so doing, perhaps change the situation, perhaps not. Yes, you can do something about life. It’s just that you can’t do everything. You are more important than results. You are the force of your life. Life is impending, and you impend it.

At the same time, it isn’t for you to feel that you have to put up with life. If only you could see all that life brings to you has purpose. You have a purpose, and life has a purpose. Life serves you, and you serve life. Life is not your comeuppance. Life is your life. It is the road you walk on. You walk on the road of life, and life takes you with it.

Life means to welcome you. Life is like a shepherd who leads his flock home.

Truly, life is a feast spread out for you. Not every food is to your taste. So be it.

You don’t like every movie you go to, and you can walk out. You can say, “That’s enough.” Yet, life you cannot walk out on. Too much depends on you. And, anyway, life is to live, not run away from. You are a contributor to life and to others in the world with you.

Life is a treasure. It is a gift beyond measure. And yet you measure it by day and by night, by this and by that. Treasure life for the great gift it is. Life on Earth is temporary. Your life on Earth is temporary. You may not want to live, and yet you don’t want to die.

I suggest that you make peace with life and be good comrades together. Be a good sport. Regardless, life will serve you. Life will wrap you in love. Life will help you to evolve. You want to be enlightened? Well, then, carry on in life. Make life your buddy. Let life have its say. Sometimes your buddy carries you, and sometimes you carry your buddy. Life means to be equitable.

You may misunderstand life, and you may misunderstand its intentions for you, yet you are being forged in the fires of life. You are finding the metal you are made of. You are being strengthened. Life is not out to get you. Life is out to further you.

With or without your cooperation, life is taking care of you. Life knows the big picture. You haven’t quite seen the whole panorama yet. You tend to be subject to nearsightedness. It won’t be long now, even if your eyes are blind and cannot see, you will see. You will see your life in a whole new perspective, and you will be happy. You will be so happy. You will be overjoyed, and how you will laugh at how unseeing you once were. You were blind, and now you can see.

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